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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Taylor County

Taylor County is located on the Gulf of Mexico in north Florida. The 2011 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that the county is home to 22,691 people. Perry is the largest city in Taylor County. Historical landmarks in the county include Cracker Homestead, Forest Capital Museum and Steinhatchee Falls.

Taylor County Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts

Taylor County is relatively small when compared to other counties in Florida. The legal system, though, is complex. Navigating the system in Taylor County can be confusing. A traffic lawyer understands how the system works in the county. This type of insight is valuable when you need to take care of a Taylor County traffic ticket.

Law enforcement in Taylor County is managed by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office and the Perry Police Department. The county is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit Court. The county and circuit courthouse is located at 108 North Jefferson Street in Perry, Florida. Traffic court is held at the courthouse.

Taylor county has one circuit judge, Judge Gregory S. Parker, and one county judge, Judge Bill Blue.

Traffic Tickets in Taylor County

Taylor County law enforcement are responsible for issuing traffic tickets that occur within the county. Traffic tickets include violations that occur while you are operating your vehicle (moving violations) and while your vehicle is parked (non-moving violations). Moving violations include

* Speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign

Non-moving violations include

* Having an expired registration

* Illegal parking

Traffic tickets are considered “strict liability” offenses in Taylor County. This means that law enforcement only has to prove that you violated the city or county laws, even if you did intend to break the law.

A traffic lawyer has the knowledge you need to fight your traffic ticket from Taylor County.

Options for Taking Care of Your Taylor County Traffic Ticket

Many people do not know that paying a ticket is considered a guilty plea. When you receive a traffic ticket in Taylor County, you can pay the fine or fight the ticket. In some cases, you may be able to attend traffic school.

If you decide to fight your traffic ticket, you should have legal representation for your case. A traffic lawyer meets with you to review your case. Before your court date, a traffic lawyer gathers evidence, including eye witness reports. A traffic lawyer represents you during the court appearance.

Florida’s Point System for Traffic Tickets

When you are found guilty of a traffic violation in Taylor County, points are added to your driving record. If you have too many points on your record, your driving privileges are suspended. Your insurance company monitors your driving record. As you add points to your record, your insurance company raises your premiums.

A traffic lawyer explains how many points you will receive for your traffic ticket. If you have points on your record, a traffic lawyer helps you find ways to keep from adding more points, and, possibly, ways to remove points from your record.

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