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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Santa Rosa County

Located in north Florida, Santa Rosa County has an estimated population of 154,104 people (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 estimates). The largest cities in the county include Milton, Gulf Breeze and Jay. The Blackwater River State Forest and Navarre Beach are located within Santa Rosa County. The Navarre Beach Pier is the longest pier in the state of Florida.

Santa Rosa County Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts

Law enforcement in Santa Rosa County is managed by county and municipal jurisdictions, including

* Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office

* Gulf Breeze Police Department

* Milton Police Department

Santa Rosa County is part of Florida’s First Judicial Circuit Court. The county courthouse is located at 6865 Caroline Street in Milton, Florida. Traffic court is held at the county court house.

County judges handle violations of city and county laws, misdemeanors, civil cases of $15,000 or less and all traffic violations. Circuit judges manage family cases, felony offenses, probate matters, civil cases greater than $15,000 and appeals from the county court.

The two county judges in Santa Rosa County are

* Judge Jose A. Giraud

* Judge Robert Hilliard

The four circuit court judges in Santa Rosa County are

* Judge Marci L. Goodman

* Judge John L. Miller

* Judge David Rimmer

* Judge John F. Simon

Traffic Tickets in Santa Rosa County

While you are driving in Santa Rosa County, you are at risk for receiving a traffic ticket based on county and city laws. The two types of traffic tickets that are issued in Santa Rosa County include moving and non-moving violations. Moving violations include

* Speeding

* Running red lights

* Driving without your seatbelt

* Driving under the influence

Non-moving violations include

* Parking in a handicap space

* Driving without proper registration, or with missing or expired license plates

* Leaving your vehicle unattended while it is running

When you receive a traffic ticket in Santa Rosa County, you can pay the ticket or fight the ticket. Traffic lawyers understand the traffic laws in Santa Rosa County, and can advise you on the best way to handle your traffic ticket.

Paying Your Santa Rosa Traffic Ticket has Long-term Consequences

Your traffic ticket contains information on how to pay your fine. Many people, though, do not realize the consequences of paying a fine. A traffic lawyer understands how a traffic ticket can affect your driving privileges, as well as your insurance premiums.

Florida’s Point System

The state of Florida uses a point system to regulate your driving privileges. When you pay a traffic ticket, you accumulate points on your driving record. If you accumulate too many points, your driving privileges are suspended. You need to operate your vehicle to get to work and school, and to take care of your family. A traffic lawyer helps protect your driving record from being damaged by traffic tickets.

Your insurance company monitors the number of points that you have on your driving record. Having points can result in higher insurance premiums. By working with a traffic lawyer, you can keep your insurance premiums affordable.

A Traffic Lawyer Helps You Fight Your Traffic Ticket

If you want to fight a traffic ticket that you received in Santa Rosa County, you should seek the advise of a traffic lawyer. The traffic lawyer reviews your case, and advises you on the best plan to protect your driving privileges.

If you received a traffic ticket in Santa Rosa County, call our law office today to discuss your case.

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