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Traffic Ticket Attorney in St. Johns County

St. Johns County is along the Florida coast in the northeastern region. Its county seat and largest city is St. Augustine, which is also the oldest city in the United States. This area of the state is often referred to as the “first coast” because it was first explored in the 16th century. Its close proximity to Jacksonville makes it a part of that city’s metropolitan area.

The population of St. Johns County is roughly 187,000 people, most of who live in urban areas. As such, the county has a high population density, averaging 308 residents per square mile. The cost of living is relatively low here when compared to the rest of the state. Only 8% of residents live below the poverty level as opposed to 12.5% of Florida’s population.

Courts and Law Enforcement Information

St. Johns County is located in the 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida. St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach both have city police departments, with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department being responsible for other areas. The office of the clerk of courts is located in St. Augustine, and this is where residents can pay traffic fines. They can also elect to pay them online by visiting the county’s official website.

Common Offenses

Many traffic law violators in St. Johns County are convicted of speeding. When driving 15 mph or less above the posted limit, three points will be assessed against an individual’s driving record. This increases to four points when traveling 16 mph or more. Reckless driving and attempting to pass a stopped school bus are also occasions that result in four-point penalties. Six points are charged to those who flee the scene of an accident resulting in more than $50 worth of property damage.

How the Point System Works

When a driver receives a traffic citation, a certain number of points are added to their driving record. These continue to accrue for a three-year period. When drivers reach a specified number of points within a certain timeframe, their license will be suspended. The punishment is progressive, which means the period of suspension increases as time goes on. The number of points and their correlating punishment are:

12 points in a 12-month period – Suspension for 30 days

18 points in an 18-month period – Suspension for 90 days

24 points in a 36-month period – Suspension for one year

Driver Improvement Program

Instead of accepting points, drivers can elect to attend a driver improvement program. This is possible one time per year or a maximum of five times during one’s lifetime. While no points are assessed after a driver improvement program, a monetary fine is still charged. Even so, this fine is reduced by approximately 18%. In addition, insurance companies may not raise an individual’s premiums.

Before pleading guilty, it can be helpful to talk to a St. Augustine traffic ticket lawyer. That’s because many people have successfully had their charges dismissed after going to traffic court. Those who would like to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case can talk to a St. Johns County ticket attorney to find out more information.

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