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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Okaloosa County

Okaloosa County, in the panhandle of Florida, has a population of around 183,482. It is one of the larger counties in Florida, covering more than 930 square miles of land. This amounts to a population density of around 194 persons per square mile. There are approximately 71,609 households, with a home ownership rate of 66.9%.

Tourism and Attractions

This county is primarily known for its fishing opportunities. There are a number of reefs along the coast where visitors can catch grouper and red snapper. Okaloosa County also has a number of museums include the Heritage Museum and the Baker Museum. The city of Destin operates a number of parks, many of which are handicapped-accessible.

Courts and Law Enforcement

Okaloosa County is in Florida’s 1st Judicial Circuit. City police departments in Destin and Fort Walton Beach help keep these communities safe. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department is primarily responsible for the rest of the county. Don Howard is the clerk of court, and his office is located at the courthouse in Crestview. Tickets can be paid online or in person using a major credit card.

Driving Offenses in Okaloosa County

Driving with an open container of alcohol is a common offense here. This violation will result in a three-point penalty against one’s driver’s license. Most moving violations, including failing to use a turn signal and following too closely, are also three-point violations. Any type of moving violation that results in an accident will result in four points being assessed against a driving record.

Points System

The Florida Legislature has assigned a point value to each traffic offense. Whenever an individual is cited, the appropriate number of points is added to that person’s driving record. Those who rack up 12 points within a 12-month period will have their license suspended for one year. Drivers who accumulate 18 points in an 18-month timeframe will have their license suspended for 90 days. Operators that are assessed 24 points in a 36-month interval will have their license suspended for one full year.

Driver Improvement Training-How it Helps

Driver improvement training can be taken by those who receive traffic citations. There are several benefits to doing so including:

  • No points are assessed against one’s license
  • Monetary fine is reduced
  • Insurance companies may not raise rates


Not everyone can take advantage of driver improvement training. A few people who might be unable to do so include:

  • Those who have taken a class within the past year
  • Drivers who have already taken the course five times
  • Operators holding a Commercial Driver’s License
  • Those cited with a criminal offense such as drinking and driving or vehicular homicide

Seeing an Okaloosa County Traffic Attorney

After receiving a ticket, many Okaloosa County residents go ahead and pay the fine without consulting an attorney first. This may not always be the best solution, as these citations can sometimes be dismissed before a trial date. Other times, it might be possible to obtain a “not guilty” verdict. Those in the Destin area should contact a traffic ticket attorney shortly after receiving a ticket in order to find out what their options are.


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