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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Miami

Dade County, also known as Miami-Dade County, is located on the southern tip of Florida. The county is home to 2,554,766 people (U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimate) who work primarily in utilities, professional services, education and health care.

The largest cities in the county are Miami, Hialeah and Miami Beach. Dade County is an international tourist destination known for its beaches and other recreational activities. The county is also the home of the Bass Museum of Art, Spanish Monastery and Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture.

Law Enforcement in Dade County

The Florida Highway Patrol enforces state traffic laws in Dade County. Additionally, the cities within the county have police departments that are responsible for enforcing local traffic laws. A traffic lawyer helps you with traffic tickets issued by the

* Aventura Police Department

* Bal Harbour Police Department

* Bay Harbor Islands Police Department

* Biscayne Park Police Department

* Coral Gables Police Department

* Doral Police Department

* El Portal Police Department

* Florida City Police Department

* Golden Beach Police Department

* Hialeah Police Department

* Homestead Police Department

* Indian Creek Village Police Department

* Key Biscayne Police Department

* Medley Police Department

* Miami Police Department

* Miami-Dade County Police Department

* Miami Gardens Police Department

* Miami Shores Police Department

* Miami Springs Police Department

* Miccosukee Police Department

* North Bay Village Police Department

* North Miami Police Department

* North Miami Beach Police Department

* Opa-Locka Police Department

* Village of Pinecrest Police Department

* South Miami Police Department

* Sunny Isles Beach Police Department

* Surfside Police Department

* Sweetwater Police Department

* Virginia Gardens Police Department

* West Miami Police Department

A Traffic Lawyer Manages Civil and Criminal Traffic Cases

A Dade County traffic lawyer is familiar with the civil and criminal traffic violations in the county, such as

* Speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Careless or reckless driving

* Improper lane changes

* Running red lights

* Leaving the scene of an accident

* Child seat violations

Your traffic lawyer explains the violation to you, and works to find a defense for your case.

Options for Dade County Traffic Tickets

Your traffic lawyer advises you about your options for your Dade County traffic ticket, including

* Paying your traffic ticket

* Fighting the ticket in court

* Electing to attend traffic school

The traffic lawyer describes the pros and cons of each option, helping you to make an informed decision.

Florida’s Points System

When you are found guilty of a traffic violation, either by paying your ticket or losing in court, the state of Florida adds points to your driving record. Traffic violations carry three (3) to six (6) points each. When you have 12 or more points on your record, your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked by the state. Additionally, your insurance company has the right to increase your premiums for up to three years if you have points on your record.

Dade County Court System

Navigating the Dade County court system requires time away from your job and your family. A traffic lawyer manages your case until your traffic ticket is settled. In some cases, a traffic lawyer can get your case dismissed, or the charges reduced. Courts expedite cases that have legal representation, so your case is settled more quickly than if you manage the case alone.

You can, though, choose to fight your ticket without legal representation. This option places you at greater risk of losing your case, and requires that you file court documents and prepare your case for court.

Dade County is the only county in Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Filing your case typically requires several visits to the county court house, located at 73 West Flagler Street in Miami, or one or more of the nine court houses in Dade County. Traffic court is held at one of the nine court houses in Dade County.

* Lawson E. Thomas Court House Center, located at 175 Northwest 1st Avenue in Miami

* Dade County Court House, located at 73 West Flagler Street in Miami

* Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, located at 1351 Northwest 12th Street in Miami

* Coral Gables Branch Court, located at 3100 Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables

* North Dade Justice Center, located at 15555 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami

* South Dade Justice Center, located at 10710 Southwest 211 Street in Miami

* Hialeah Court House, located at 11 East 6th Street in Hialeah

* Miami Beach Court Facility, located at 1130 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach

* Overtown Transit Village South, located at 601 Northwest 1 CT, Second Floor in Miami

You will present your case to one of the county criminal or civil judges. The civil judges in Dade County are

* Judge Don S. Cohn

* Judge Gloria Gonzelez-Meyer

* Judge Michaelle Gonzalez-Paulson

* Judge Wendell M. Graham

* Judge Carlos Guzman

* Judge Charles K. Johnson

* Judge Lawrence D. King

* Judge Shelley J. Kravitz

* Judge Myriam Lehr

* Judge Patricia Marino Pedraza

* Judge Gladys Perez

* Judge Rodolfo Ruiz

* Judge Nuria Saenz

* Judge Caryn C. Schwartz

* Judge Jacqueline Schwartz

* Judge Lourdes Simon

* Judge Linda Singer Stein

* Judge Teretha Thomas

The criminal court judges for Dade County are

* Judge William Altfield

* Judge Michelle Alvarez Barakat

* Judge Tanya Brinkley

* Judge Betty Capote

* Judge Ivonne Cuesta

* Judge Dawn Denaro

* Judge Robin Faber

* Judge Mary J. Francis

* Judge Diana Gonzalez-Whyte

* Judge Andrew S. Hague

* Judge Luise Krieger-Martin

* Judge Steve Leifman

* Judge Edward Newman

* Judge Maria D. Ortiz

* Judge Rodolfo Ruiz

* Judge Fred Seraphin

* Judge Samuel J. Slom

* Judge Andrea R. Wolfson

You only have 30 days to file your case in the Dade County court system without incurring additional penalties.

Leaving your traffic tickets unresolved creates additional stress on you and your family. Call our law firm today to discuss your case with one of our traffic lawyers.


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