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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Madison County

Madison County covers almost 700 square miles along the Georgia border in north Florida. The 19,115 people in the county (U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimates) work primarily in utilities, education, healthcare and corrections.

The largest cities in the county are Madison, Greenville and Lee. Madison County has seven historic landmarks, including the Bishop-Andrews Hotel, Wardlaw-Smith House and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Other landmarks in Madison County include Cherry Lake Beach, Oak Ridge Cemetery and Four Freedoms Monument.

Traffic Violations in Madison County

A Madison County traffic lawyer explains the violation shown on your traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer helps you with civil and criminal traffic tickets issued by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Madison Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol, including

* Speeding

* Improper lane changes

* Running red lights

* Driving under the influence

Options for Madison County Traffic Tickets

When you receive a traffic ticket in Madison County, you can pay the ticket or fight the ticket in court. Paying your traffic ticket has long-term consequences, including damage to your driving record, loss of your driving privileges and higher insurance premiums. A Madison County traffic lawyer explains your options, including the pros and cons of your case.

A Traffic Lawyer Protects Your Driving Record

A Madison County traffic lawyer saves you money by protecting your driving record. Florida uses a points system to track the traffic violations of drivers in the state. Each violation is assigned a number of points. For example,

* Speeding is three (3) or four (4) points

* Causing a crash while speeding is six (6) points

* Failing to stop for a school bus is four (4) points

Points damage your driving record, and put your driving privileges at risk. Additionally, your insurance company can raise your rates for up to three years based on your driving record.

The Court System in Madison County

A Madison County traffic lawyer works in the court system every day, and knows how to navigate the system. Court systems are complex, even in small counties like Madison County. The county is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit Court. Traffic court is held at the county courthouse, located at 125 Range Street in Madison, Florida. The county judge, Judge E. Bailey Browning III, handles all the cases for the county.

Before your court date, your traffic lawyer negotiates with the prosecutor to lower the charges, and avoid court. In some cases, a traffic lawyer negotiates a deal for you to attend traffic school. This option keeps points off of your driving record, protects you from higher insurance premiums and, in some cases, lowers your fines. These negotiations are typically more successful when drivers contact traffic lawyers soon after receiving their traffic tickets.

If the prosecution is unable to present a deal that benefits you, your traffic lawyer may advise you to appear in court. Courts often give priority to cases that have legal representation. A traffic lawyer gets you into court quickly, and increases your chances of winning your case.

Call our law firm today, and find out how we can help you fight your Madison County traffic ticket.

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