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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Leon County

Leon County proudly proclaims itself to be “Florida’s capital county.” That’s because the state capital is located here, and the county seat is located in that city as well. The county was named for explorer Ponce de Leon, who was said to have discovered the Fountain of Youth. The population here is around 265,000 residents.

Attractions and Tourism

Outdoor activity is abundant here, as the Nature Conservancy has named Leon County as one of the “last great places.” Many people visit here to go hiking on the Apalachee Regional Park Trail system. In Monticello, visitors can go horseback riding at Cavallo Farms or Cherry Hill Farms. The Dorothy B. Oven Park in Tallahassee features hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Law Enforcement and Court System

Leon County is part of the 2nd Judicial Circuit of Florida. The Tallahassee Police Department, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office all patrol this area. Traffic Court is held at the county courthouse, and traffic fines can be paid at the clerk of court’s office or online.

Common Traffic Offenses

Since multiple law enforcement agencies patrol this area, motorists should be ever-vigilant about ensuring they have proof of insurance and the proper vehicle registration at all times. It’s also important to make sure children are properly restrained, as violating a child restraint law can result in a three-point penalty against one’s driver’s license. Points can also be assessed for speeding, running a red light, reckless driving, or fleeing the scene of an accident to name a few.

Points System

After drivers accumulate 12 points against their license within a 12-month period, they can lose their license for 30 days. Drivers should exercise caution after receiving a traffic citation because points continue to be tracked for up to 36 months. Those who rack up 24 points within a 36-month timeframe can lose all driving privileges for a one-year period.

Driver Improvement

No points are assessed against a driver’s license when operators elect to take a driver improvement course. Even so, there are some limitations on how this exclusion can be used. Each motorist may attend a class only once per year, and no more than five times in his or her lifetime. Fines still need to be paid even after attending a driver improvement course, but these are normally reduced. Insurance companies may not raise rates for those who choose to attend driver improvement training unless they are subsequently fined.

Contesting the Charges

By paying a traffic ticket, motorists are automatically pleading guilty. This may not always be in their best interest. Many people are surprised to learn that traffic tickets can sometimes be dismissed in a court of law and never bother to contest these charges. Before making any moves, it can be helpful to speak with a Leon County traffic ticket attorney for advice on how to proceed.

Traffic tickets can result in increased insurance premiums and a less-than-perfect driving record for some time. Motorists who would like to mitigate the damage caused by a traffic citation may want to speak with a Tallahassee traffic ticket lawyer soon afterward.

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