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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Union County, Florida

Fight your Lake Butler traffic citation with a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Union County is located in the State of Florida and has a population of more than 15,000. Lake Butler is the county seat. Over the years the State of Florida has been several prisons there, including the Union Correctional Institution and Reception Medical Center. A part of Florida’s death row is located at Florida State Prison.

The Union County Sheriffs Office is the primary law enforcement agency for all 246 square miles of the county. They issue tickets for unlawful speed, carless driving, reckless driving, and driving under the influence (DUI) to name a few. They use radar and laser guns in their traffic enforcement. The Union County Sheriffs Office also participates in multi-agency checkpoints with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Aside from the city of Lake Butler, the two other towns in Union County include Raiford and Worthington Springs. Union County is part of Floridas eigth Judicial circuit. The State Attorney, William Cervone, is also responsible for prosecuting cases in Levy, Alachua, Gilchrst, Bradofrd, and Baker.

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Union County, Florida is a part of the state’s 8th Judicial Circuit. Located in the northeastern part of the state, the county seat here is the town of Lake Butler.

Raiford and Worthington Springs are two of the biggest towns in the county. One of the primary industries here is corrections. Two state-operated facilities are located within Union County, one of which houses part of the state’s death row population. There is a juvenile detention center here as well.

Police and Court Information

The Union County Sheriff’s office is located in Lake Butler. This agency is responsible for patrolling the entire county. The area may also be patrolled from time to time by Florida state troopers who will also issue traffic citations. Traffic court is located in Lake Butler, and there is an option to pay tickets or schedule traffic school online.

Options when Charged

Those who receive a traffic ticket in Union County will be assessed a certain number of points against their driver’s license. The points are not automatically incurred, but instead are assessed only when one is declared guilty of a traffic offense. By paying a traffic ticket, motorists are in essence pleading guilty, which means the points will be assessed at that time. A few of the offenses and the number of points they can add to a driving record include:

Speeding 15 mph or less – 3 points

Speeding more than 15 mph – 4 points

Passing a school bus – 4 points

Traffic offense resulting in an accident – 4 points

Reckless driving – 4 points

Leaving scene of accident w/damage – 6 points


When a certain number of points are accumulated within a particular timeframe, the motorist can have his or her driver’s license suspended. When 12 points are accumulated within a 12-month period, a license can be suspended for 30 days. Those who rack up 18 points in 18 months can lose their driver’s license for 3 months. A license can be suspended for one year whenever a motorist racks up 24 points in 3 years.


Many people believe that it is much cheaper to pay a traffic ticket than to contest it in court. That’s not necessarily the case considering the fact that insurance premiums can also go up for some time afterward. Depending upon the circumstances, it could be beneficial to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help fight these charges. Those who successfully obtain a “not guilty” verdict will not have to pay the cost of the citation. In some cases, an attorney can negotiate with the state so that no points are assessed against one’s driver’s license even if the defendant is eventually found guilty.

Being issued a traffic citation can be a stressful event. Union County residents who are issued tickets should know that a traffic ticket attorney can often mitigate the damage that could result.

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