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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Polk County, Florida

Fight your Florida traffic citation with a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Polk County Florida is located in the middle of the State of Florida between Orlando and Tampa. Interstate 4 and the Polk parkway are the two major roadways in the county. Traffic enforcement is primarily enforced by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Polk County Sheriffs office. The Sheriff is often on television touting his agencies aggressive approach to crime enforcement. The Sheriff is an advocate for enforcement of crimes action children and funds a crimes against children unit.

The Polk County Sheriffs office has a traffic unit, and they often can be seen on interstate 4 with their laser gun and undercover traffic unit. The Florida Highway Patrol utilizes a fixed wing aircraft in its attempt to curb speeders in Polk County.

Polk County Florida along with Hardee and Highlands County, makes up the 10th Judicial Circuit. The main courthouse in Polk County is located at 255 North Broadway Avenue, Bartow, Florida 33830. The county seat is also located in Bartow but the largest city is Lakeland. Lakeland, Florida is the home of one of the largest private companies, Publix supermarket. The Polk County clerk of court has an excellent website that allows you to track your case online.

Other cites within Polk county include Auburndale, Davenport, Fort Meade, Frostproof, Haines City, Lake Alfred, Lake Hamilton, Lake Wales, Mulberry, Polk City and Winter Haven.

About Polk County

Polk County is located in central south Florida. The county has a population of 609,492 people (U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimate). Most of the residents in the county work in utilities, transportation, education, health services and professional services.

Polk County covers over 1,700 square miles. The largest cities in the county are Lakeland, Winter Haven and Haines City. Landmarks in Polk County include LEGOLAND Florida and Lake Kissimmee State Park. Polk County is also home to Bok Tower Gardens, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College and Polk County Historical Library.

Law Enforcement in Polk County

A Polk County traffic lawyer works with each of the 14 city, county and state law enforcement agencies in Polk County, including

* Polk County Sheriff’s Office

* Auburndale Police Department

* Bartow Police Department

* Davenport Police Department

* Eagle Lake Police Department

* Fort Meade Police Department

* Haines City Police Department

* Lake Alfred Police Department

* Lake Hamilton Police Department

* Lake Wales Police Department

* Lakeland Police Department

* Winter Haven Police Department

* Florida Highway Patrol

Traffic Tickets in Polk County

Cities, counties and states may have different traffic laws. As a result, you may not understand the violation cited on your traffic ticket. A Polk County traffic lawyer explains your violation, and finds the best solution for you.

A Polk County traffic lawyer helps with civil and criminal traffic violations, such as

* Driving under the influence

* Speeding

* Driving the wrong way on a one-way street

* Child seat violations

* Reckless driving

Understanding Your Options

A Polk County traffic lawyer explains your options for taking care of your traffic ticket. New, out-of-state and other drivers often pay their Polk County traffic tickets because fighting their tickets in court seems intimidating and time-consuming. Paying your ticket without going to court results in

* Points on your driving record

* Higher insurance premiums

* Risk of losing your insurance coverage

* Risk of losing your job

* Risk of losing your driving privileges

Many drivers do not know that they have three options for taking care of their traffic tickets.

* Paying the traffic ticket

* Fighting the traffic ticket

* Completing traffic school

A traffic lawyer explains the pros and cons of each option based on the details of your case. This provides you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Traffic Violations Add Points to Your Record

Florida uses a points system to track traffic violations. Each violation carries three to six points. If you have points on your record, your insurance company has the right to raise your premiums or cancel your policy. If you have 12 or more points on your record, the state can suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

Polk County Court System

Like many large counties, the Polk County court system is complex and confusing. The court clerk can provide some guidance, but, with so much at risk, you should work with a traffic lawyer to make sure that your case is properly managed.

In some cases, a traffic lawyer can settle your traffic ticket without going to court. Prosecutors often offer deals, and your traffic lawyer advises you about the benefits and drawbacks of the prosecution’s offer.

If you do go to court, a Polk County traffic lawyer schedules your court date, files the necessary documents, prepares your case, appears in court with you and presents your case.

Going through the Polk County court system alone takes time. Polk County is part of Florida’s Tenth Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house is located at 255 North Broadway in Barlow, Florida. Depending on where you received your traffic ticket, you may need to visit one of the court branches. The Lakeland branch is located at 930 East Parker Street, Room 240, in Lakeland, Florida. In Winter Haven, Florida, the court branch is located at 3425 Lake Alfred Road in the Northeast Government Center. The county clerk advises you on the traffic court location for your case.

Your case is assigned to one of the count’s 12 judges.

* Judge J. Kevin Abdoney

* Judge Barry Bennett

* Judge Robert G. Fegers

* Judge Susan Barber Flood

* Judge Mary C. Green

* Judge Robert E. Griffin

* Judge Bob Grode

* Judge John Kirkland

* Judge Reinaldo Ojeda

* Judge Robert L. Williams, Jr.

* Judge Jeffrey J. McKibben

* Judge Anthony Ritenour

If you fail to appear in court, the judge finds you guilty of your traffic violation.

You only have 30 days to take care of your traffic ticket. Get started today by calling our law firm to discuss your case with a Polk County traffic lawyer.


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