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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Orange County, Florida

Fight your Orlando traffic citation with a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Orange county is home to Disney World and some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. With an estimated population of over one million, Orange county florida is one of the largest counties in the State of Florida. Interstate 4 is the main roadway through the county and is often stop and go as a result of traffic or crashes. The Florida turnpike authority operates several of the toll roads in the area. Sunpass and Epass are the toll collection programs used by the local authorities as well as the Florida Department of transportation.

Primarily patrolled by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Orange County Sheriffs Office the Orlando police and Winter Park police are aggressive provide aggressive enforcement against speeders, red light runners, and those that are driving under the influence. The Florida Highway patrol uses a fixed wing aircraft for speed enforcement on the intersate highways. Every law enforcement agency in the area uses laser, radar and pace with speedometers. Because of the large number of traffic crashes, many citations are written for careless driving, failure to yield right of way, and failure to use due care.

Orange County is one of the largest counties in Florida. The county covers approximately 900 square miles in central Florida, and is home to 1,169,107 residents (U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimates). The county is densely populated, with over 1,200 people per square mile. The primary industries in Orange County are hospitality, utilities, professional services, education and health care.

The largest cities in the county are Orlando, Apopka and Ocoee. Universal Studios Florida and portions of Walt Disney World are located in Orange County. The county hosts the Citrus Bowl and Tangerine Bowl. Historic landmarks include Fort Christmas Historical Park, Cathedral Church of St. Luke and Eatonville Historic District.

Law Enforcement in Orange County

Orange County draws tourists from around the world every year. Thirteen law enforcement agencies ensure that traffic laws are followed, so visitors and locals safely enjoy the county’s attractions.

* Orange County Sheriff’s Office

* Apopka Police Department

* Eatonville Police Department

* Edgewood Police Department

* Maitland Police Department

* Oakland Police Department

* Ocoee Police Department

* Orlando Police Department

* Windermere Police Department

* Winter Garden Police Department

* Winter Park Police Department

* Florida Highway Patrol

* Florida Highway Patrol: Troop D, Orlando

A traffic lawyer helps you with civil and criminal traffic tickets issued by these law enforcement agencies, such as

* Speeding

* Running red lights

* Violating Florida’s Move Over law

* Improper passing

* Violating the right of way

Many drivers find driving in Orange County difficult due to the number of drivers on the road. You may not understand your violation, or believe that your ticket was issued improperly. An Orange County traffic lawyer explains the violation, and works to find details in your case that may void or reduce your traffic violation.

Options for Orange County Traffic Tickets

When you receive a traffic ticket in Orange County, you have three options.

* Pay your ticket

* Fight the ticket in court

* Elect traffic school

A traffic lawyer explains your options, and advises you about the pros and cons of electing each option.

The Downside of Paying without Fighting

Many drivers do not realize the long-term effects of paying their traffic tickets without going to court to challenge their traffic tickets. The Florida points system damages your driving record with each traffic violation. Without a clean driving record, you may lose your driving privileges. Your insurance company also has the right to raise your premiums for up to three years.

The Orange County Court System

The Orange County court system manages traffic cases for local and out-of-state drivers. The volume of cases managed by the court each year means that those within the legal system often do not have the time to explain the process to every driver. A traffic lawyer works with the court on your behalf, and often receives special consideration for scheduling and settling your case.

Orange County is part of Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, and has 18 county judges. In order to fight your Orange County traffic ticket, you must file paperwork with the county clerk within 30 days of receiving the ticket. County clerks are located throughout the county. When you file your documents, the clerk advises you about the date, time, location and judge for your case.

Traffic court is held at the county court house, or one of the county’s branch locations. The county court house is located at 425 North Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida. Branch locations are

* Apopka Branch (1111 North Rock Springs Road in Apopka, Florida)

* Goldenrod Branch (684 Goldenrod Road in Orlando, Florida)

* Ocoee Branch (475 West Story Road in Ocoee, Florida)

* Winter Park Branch (450 North Lakemont Avenue in Winter Park, Florida)

The county judges are

* Judge Martha C. Adams

* Judge Faye Allen

* Judge Deborah B. Ansbro

* Judge Kenneth A. Barlow, Jr.

* Judge Maureen Bell

* Judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney

* Judge Deb Blechman

* Judge Jerry Brewer

* Judge Andrew L. Cameron

* Judge Nancy L. Clark

* Judge A. James Craner II

* Judge Carolyn B. Freeman

* Judge Steve Jewett

* Judge Wilfredo Martinez

* Judge Adam McGinnis

* Judge W. Michael Miller

* Judge Wayne Shoemaker

* Judge Greg Tynan

Improve your chances of winning your Orange County traffic case by calling our law firm today.


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