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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Nassua County, Florida

Fight your Amelia Island traffic citation with a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Nassua County is the most northeast county in Florida. Located on the border with Georgia, Nassau County has a population of almost 70,000. The county seat is Fernandina Beach which is located on Amelia Island, which is Nassau county’s one┬áinhabited┬áisland.

Located within the 4th Judicial circuit, Nassau County, Duval and Clay counties make up the judicial circuit. The Nassau county sheriffs office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county. The Sheriffs department has several divisions, including a very active traffic division. The sheriffs office utilizes laser and radar guns for speed enforcement. Aside from the sheriffs office, the Florida Highway Patrol assists the sheriffs office in its traffic enforcement and patrol. There are nearly 300 DUI arrests in the county annually and almost 3500 speeding citations written. Overall, almost 6500 non-criminal moving violations are written by law enforcement yearly.

Because interstate 95 passes through the county, it is not uncommon to observe the sheriffs office patrolling the interstate. The sheriffs office is very proactive in speed enforcement and in its attempt to curtail drug trafficking throughout the State.

If you received a speeding ticket, careless driving ticket, or any other violation please call our office immediately at 1-800-FIGHT-IT so we can assist you.

About Nassau County

Nassau County is located in northeast Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates for 2011, the population of Nassau County is 74,195 people. The largest cities in the county are Fernandina Beach, Hilliard and Callahan. Major landmarks in Nassau County include Cumberland Island, Amelia Island Museum of History, American Beach and Ft. Clinch State Park.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Nassau County

County laws in Nassau County are managed by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office. The Fernandina Beach Police Department also operates within Nassau County. State traffic violations in Nassau County are managed by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Nassau County is part of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. Traffic court is held at the Nassau County Judicial Annex, located at 76347 Veterans Way in Yulee, Florida. Judge Granville C. “Doc” Burgess is the county judge in Nassau County. The circuit court judges in Nassau County are Judge Brain J. Davis and Judge Robert Mallory Foster.

As cities, counties and states are working to increase revenue through traffic violations, more drivers are receiving traffic tickets in Nassau County. Because the court system is complex, drivers often choose to pay their tickets instead of fighting the tickets in court.

A traffic lawyer works within the Nassau County court system every day. This experience means that a traffic lawyer can help you navigate the Nassau County court system.

Nassau County Traffic Tickets

You may receive a traffic ticket in Nassau County for violating city, county or state traffic laws. Traffic violations are considered “strict liability” offenses. For these types of offenses, law enforcement is not required to prove that you intended to break the law.

Traffic laws in Nassau County include moving and non-moving violations. If you receive a Nassau County traffic ticket for a moving violation, it means that you were operating your vehicle when the offense occurred. Moving violations include

* Speeding, or driving too slow

* Driving under the influence

* Driving against traffic (i.e., driving the wrong way on a one-way street)

Non-moving violations are offenses that occur when you are not driving your vehicle, such as

* Expired parking meters

* Leaving your vehicle unattended while it is running

* Driving without a proper registration for your vehicle

A traffic lawyer understands the city, county and state traffic laws in Nassau County. Your traffic lawyer reviews your case, and explains the traffic ticket to you.

Your Options for a Nassau County Traffic Ticket

When you receive a traffic ticket in Nassau County, you can pay the ticket or fight the ticket. The citation includes information on how to pay the ticket. Traffic tickets can cost you hundreds of dollars in fees and administrative costs.

Paying a ticket also has long-term consequences that may not be explained on the citation. You place your driving privileges at risk, and your insurance premiums could increase.

A traffic lawyer helps you decide the best plan for taking care of your Nassau County traffic ticket. If you choose to fight your Nassau County traffic ticket, the traffic lawyer helps you gather evidence for your court date. In some cases, a traffic lawyer may be able to make arrangements for you to attend traffic school instead of paying a ticket.

Nassau County Traffic Tickets and Your Driving Record

When you pay a ticket, you are admitting that you are guilty of the violation. As a result, points are added to your driving record. Depending on the violation, you may receive up to six points on your driving record. When you reach 12 points, your driving privileges are suspended. If you continue to accumulate points, your driving privileges are suspended for longer periods of time, or even revoked.

Driving records are used by insurance companies to determine insurance premiums. When points are added to your record, your insurance company may raise your premiums.

If you have a traffic ticket from Nassau County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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