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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Monroe County, Florida

Fight your Florida traffic citation with a Florida Keys Traffic Lawyer

Monroe County Florida is home to the beautiful Florida keys. The Sheriffs office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county. The sheriffs office has almost 200 road patrol officers and detectives. Those deputies are responsible for patrolling the nearly 100 miles of islands that branch off the southern tip of Florida.

The tourist industy is a major force of revenue for the county. Over 2 million tourists visit the county each year. During the peak winter months, the counties population swells to almost 150,000.

Because of the unique topography of the keys, there are several different substations throughout the county. In addition to the sheriffs office, the City of Key West Police Department is a busy agency with citations and arrests. There are over 12,000 speeding tickets written in Monroe County every year. Most of the citations were written by the sheriffs office. In addition, there are hundreds of DUI arrests made yearly by all law enforcement agencies.

There are four different courthouses that handle traffic violations within the county. They Key West courthouse is located in downtown Key West, while the Marathon and Plantation Key courthouses are located north of the city of Key West.

If you were given a citation while on vacation or have a question about a citation you received while in Key West or Monroe County please call us at 1-800-FIGHT-IT so we can discuss the facts of your case with you.

Monroe County, Florida consists of the islands that form the Florida Keys. It is perhaps best known for its more than 100-mile long scenic drive which extends from Miami to the county seat of Key West. It’s also a popular area for sailors, divers and anglers.


This county encompasses more than 983.28 square miles of land mass. In all, 73,873 people call this county home. That amounts to a population density of around 74.3 people per square mile. The entire county is part of the Key West micropolitan statistical area, and other towns of interest include Key Colony Beach, Islamorada, Key Largo, Marathon and Layton.

Government, Courts, and Law Enforcement

Since the Florida Keys stretch for more than 200 miles, it can be difficult to get to the county seat in Key West. As such, there are also governmental offices located in Marathon and Key Largo. There are multiple law enforcement agencies here including city police departments in Key West, Key Largo, Marathon and Key Colony Beach. Amy Heavilin is the clerk of the circuit court and her office is at the courthouse in Monroe. Those who receive a traffic citation here can elect to pay via mail, in person, or online.

Driving Offenses in Monroe County

In Florida, driving offenses are categorized into three, four, or six-point violations based upon their risk to public safety. When motorists are found guilty of a traffic offense, the appropriate number of points is added to their driving record. Six-point offenses under Florida law include:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident when there is at least $50 worth of property damage
  • Speeding that results in a motor vehicle accident regardless of the amount over limit
  • Offenses that are considered four-point violations include:
  • Reckless driving
  • Any moving violation besides speeding that causes an accident
  • Passing or trying to pass a stopped school bus
  • Speeding (16 mph or more)
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Three-point offenses under Florida law are:
  • Speeding (15 mph or less)
  • Open container violation
  • Failure to provide proper child restraints
  • Drivers under 18 who operate during restricted hours

Traffic School and the Florida Points System

Motorists can elect to take a driver improvement course whenever they receive a citation. This can be done once per year for a maximum of five times in a lifetime. Those who do so will not have any points assessed against their license and will not suffer an increase in insurance premiums. Drivers must elect to take a course within 30 days after receiving a ticket, and courses can be taken in person or online for a nominal charge.

Seeing a Traffic Ticket Attorney in the Keys

A traffic attorney can help many Monroe County residents avoid having negative reports against their driving record. That’s because traffic tickets can often be overturned in a court of law. It might also be possible to negotiate payment terms for those who are struggling to come up with the full amount at one time. Those who live in Monroe County can speak to a Key West traffic ticket attorney to find out more.


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