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Traffic Ticket Lawyers In Marion County, Florida

Fight your Ocala traffic citation with a Florida Traffic Lawyer

Marion County Florida is located in mid-central Florida. Marion County is named after an American Revolutionary war hero Francis Marion. The county has rolling trees and is dotted with live oaks, pine and palm trees. There are several cities with Marion, including Belleview, Dunnellon, Mcintosh, Ocala and Reddick. The Marion County Sheriffs Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county.

Law enforcement issues nearly 17,000 speeding tickets throughout Marion County annually  In addition, there are almost 1,000 DUI arrests and almost 10,000 criminal citations issued. Most of the tickets and arrests were conducted by the sheriffs office. The Florida Highway Patrol is the primary traffic enforcement agency for the county.

The FHP conducts aircraft speed enforcement on the interstate 75 which passes through Marion County. These speed enforcement details involve an FHP pilot in a Cessna airplane. The pilot clocks cars as they pass between two white lines spaces about a 1/4 distance apart. trooper/pilot will then call down the vehicle description and speed to the trooper on the ground who will then pull the driver over.

It is not uncommon for FHP to generate at least 100 speeding citations over a several hour period, depending on the number of troopers available. Remember, in order for these cases to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, both the pilot and the ground trooper need to appear in court. The trooper in the air can only prove that you may have been speeding, and the trooper on the ground is necessary to prove your identity.

Marion County is located in north central Florida. Based on 2011 estimates, the U.S. census Bureau reports that the county has 332,529 residents. The largest cities in the county are Ocala, Belleview and Dunnellon. Landmarks in Marion county include the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, Silver River State Park, Rainbow River and Ocala National Forest.

Law Enforcement Agencies in Marion County

City, county and state traffic laws are enforced by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Belleview Police Department, Dunnellon Police Department, Ocala Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol.

A Marion County traffic lawyer works with these agencies every day, and knows how to find critical details that help win your case in court.

Traffic Tickets in Marion County

Law enforcement in Marion County issues traffic tickets for civil and criminal violations, such as

* Speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Failing to obey traffic signals

* Reckless or careless driving

* Failing to stop for a school bus

* Child seat violations

If you do not understand your traffic ticket, or disagree with the violation, speak with a traffic lawyer. Your ticket may have been improperly issued.

A Traffic Lawyer Explains Your Options

When you receive a traffic ticket in Marion County, you have three options. You must act quickly, though, to avoid additional penalties. Your options include

* Paying your traffic ticket without fighting

* Fighting the violation in court

* Electing traffic school

A Marion County traffic lawyer explains the pros and cons of these options, including how paying your ticket may result in

* Losing your driving privileges

* Paying higher insurance premiums

A Traffic Lawyer Protects Your Driving Record

In Florida, traffic violations are recorded on your driving record using a points system. When you have 12 or more points, you risk losing your driving privileges. Your insurance company also has the right to raise your premiums for up to three years.

A Marion County traffic lawyer works with the prosecutor and judge in your case to minimize the impact on your driving record.

The Marion County Court System

Marion County is a relatively small county in Florida. Like many small counties in the nation, court resources are limited, and case loads are high. A traffic lawyer works on your behalf, and expedites your case through an over-burdened system. Without legal representation, your case could take months to settle. You also risk a guilty verdict from the court if you do not file the proper documents in a timely manner.

Marion County is part of Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit Court. To fight your traffic ticket alone, you must make several trips to the county court house, located at 110 Northwest First Avenue in Ocala, Florida, where traffic court is held.

The county clerk assigns your case to one of the county judges.

* Judge Robert E. Landt

* Judge Thomas P. Thompson

* Judge Sarah Ritterhoff Williams

Fighting your traffic ticket alone takes you away from your job and your family. Call our law office today, and let one of our traffic lawyers save you time and money.



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