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Levy County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Williston, Florida

Levy County is located near the northern part of Florida on the west coast. Citrus County, Alachua County, Dixie County, Marion County, and Dixie County are all adjacent counties to Levy County. The incorporated cities and towns include the City of Yankeetown, The City of Williston, the City of Otter Creek, the Town of Inglis, the City of Fanning Springs, the City of Chiefland, the Town of Cedar Key, and the Town of Bronson.

Levy County is a part of the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida. Other counties in the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida are Alachua County, Union County, Baker County, Gilchrist County, and Bradford County. Judge Joseph E. Smith is the county judge.

Levy County gives out about 6,300 traffic tickets yearly. Law Enforcement Agencies include the Bronson City Police, the Florida Highway Patrol, and the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff John M. Smith is the current sheriff.

Located along Florida’s west coast, Levy County has a population of around 40,156 people. These residents are scattered over the 1,118 square miles of land mass, giving the county a population density of 36.5 people per square mile. Bronson is the county seat, and other notable towns here include Yankeetown, Williston, Fanning Springs and Cedar Key. Levy County is located along the “nature coast” of Florida and provides ample opportunity for diving, boating, birding, hiking, and horseback riding. Fanning Springs State Park, Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge and Goethe State Forest are the primary attractions found here.

Government and Law Enforcement

This county is a part of Florida’s 8th judicial circuit. Cedar Key has a police department that patrols that island community, while the Levy County sheriff’s department is largely responsible for the rest of the county. Danny Shipp is the clerk of courts, and he is located at the courthouse in Bronson. Those who receive a ticket in this county can pay their fine here or submit an affidavit saying they would like to attend a driver improvement course.

Traffic Offenses in Levy County

Due to the open land area of Levy County, it’s easy to get caught speeding here. Speeding by 15 miles per hour or less will result in three points being assessed against a driving record, while speeding 16 mph or more can result in a four-point penalty. Six points are racked up for leaving the scene of an accident involving at least $50 worth of property damage.

Driving Records Report

Florida drivers who would like to know how many points they have accrued against their license can order a driving record report from the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This record can be obtained by visiting a local DMV branch or online. There can also be a small fee for doing so, as the bureau charges $8.00 for a three-year history or $10.00 for a seven-year record.

License Suspension Thresholds in Levy County

Drivers who receive a citation may want to check the status of their driving record in order to make sure they are not nearing a suspension threshold. That way, they can decide whether or not they would like to contest the citation in court. Drivers who are near one of the limits may also want to consider taking driver improvement training if they have not done so within the previous 12 months, as no points are assessed against one’s driving record after taking one of these courses. This could mean the difference between suspension and keeping their license for many people. The levels at which suspension occur are:

* 12 points within 12 months-license suspended for 30 days

* 18 points within 18 months-license suspended for 90 days

* 24 points within 36 month-license suspended for one year

Contacting a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Levy County

Those who feel they have no other alternative than to fight a ticket should contact a Levy County traffic lawyer as soon as possible. Likewise, those who feel they were unjustly cited may want to consider fighting the allegations in court, in which case a Bronson ticket attorney could be very useful.

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