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Lee County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Fort Myers, Florida

Lee County is situated on the west coast of Florida between Sarasota and Naples. Interstate 75 runs through the county and is the main method of travel. Ft. Myers is the biggest city in the county although there are many beach citites including Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs. All of those cities have police departments and the Lee County sheriff also hepls patrolling some of those areas.

Other cities within Lee County include Ostero, Boca Grande, Captiva, North Ft Myers, Matlacha, Pineland, South Ft. Myers, Whiskey Creek. Fort Myers is the largest city in Lee County.

Located within the 20th judicial circuit, Lee county’s main judicial center is located in downtown Ft Myers. The courthouse is located at 1700 Monroe Street in Ft. Myers, 33901.

As one of Florida’s most populous counties, Lee County is home to more than 631,330 residents. While Fort Myers is the county seat, the most populous city here is Cape Coral. Other towns here include Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel. The entire county covers around 784 square miles of land area, giving it a population density of 788.7. That’s more than double the state’s average of 350.6 people per square mile.

Visiting Lee County

People often flock to this south-central Florida county to visit one of the many wildlife refuges located here. Water activities are also popular, whether it’s enjoying the miles of white sandy beaches or visiting a local water park. The downtown area of Fort Myers offers historical tours, and Thomas Edison’s winter home is also located here.

Government Information

Lee County is a part of Florida’s 20th Judicial Circuit. City police departments in Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs are primarily responsible for patrolling this county. The clerk of court is located at the courthouse in Fort Myers and accepts payments for traffic tickets there.

Receiving a Traffic Citation-What to Know

When receiving a traffic ticket in Lee County, residents will have 30 days in which to enter a “not guilty” plea or pay the fine in full. Drivers can also elect to take a driver improvement course online or in person, and this must also be scheduled within 30 days. Those who fail to meet these deadlines face additional fines and penalties along with the suspension of their driver’s license.

Tickets and Corresponding Point Values

Each traffic offense is assigned a point value. These points accrue against an individual’s license and trigger a suspension whenever certain limits are reached.

Three-point offenses are the most common and include violations such as:

Speeding (15 mph or less)

Open container violation

Violating child restraint ordinances

Minors operating during restricted hours

Four-point offenses are slightly more serious and include:

Moving violations that result in an accident

Trying to pass a school bus when it is stopped

Speeding (16 mph or more)

Failing to obey traffic lights or other signals

The most serious category is six-point offenses which are:

Speeding that results in a motor vehicle accident

Leaving the scene of a property damage accident

Avoiding Points by Attending Driver Improvement Training

Traffic citations don’t always have to result in points against a driving record. Motorists can take a driver improvement course once per year at which time no points will be assessed. There are limits to this opportunity, however. Those charged with a crime, commercial drivers, and those who have already taken this training five times are restricted from doing so. These individuals are advised to seek advice from a Lee County traffic ticket attorney.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Motorists may want to contact a Lee County traffic lawyer even if their license is not in danger of being suspended. That’s because a skilled attorney can sometimes obtain a not guilty verdict in a court of law. The possibility of this depends upon the facts of each case, as each situation is entirely different. For more information, those in the Fort Myers area should contact our law firm as soon as possible after being cited.


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