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Lafayette County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Mayo, Florida

Lafayette County is located in the northern part of Florida near the panhandle and the west coast. The second-smallest county in Florida, Lafayette County is home to about 8,942 people. Lafayette County covers only 548 square miles, with only five square miles being water. Adjacent counties to Lafayette County are Madison County, Taylor County, Suwannee County, Dixie County, and Gilchrist County. The only incorporated city in Lafayette County is the City of Mayo, Florida.

Lafayette County is considered a part of the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida. The other counties considered in the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida are Hamilton County, Madison County, Colombia County, Taylor County, and Dixie County.

The county overall only writes about 600 traffic tickets per year. The Florida Highway Patrol, however, is responsible for over half of these traffic citations. The Sheriff’s office is the only other main Law Enforcement Agency in Lafayette County.

Lafayette County is located in north Florida. The largest city in the county is Mayo, the county seat. The county is bordered on the east by the Suwannee River. Historic landmarks in Lafayette County include the Hal W. Adams Bridge and Old Lafayette Courthouse.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Lafayette County

County traffic laws are managed by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office. The Florida Highway Patrol is responsible for managing state traffic laws in the county.

Lafayette County is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit Court. The county courthouse, including traffic court, is located at 100 N. Main St at Highways 27 and 51 in Mayo, Florida. Judge Darren K. Jackson resides over all county court cases.

Lafayette County is a small county with limited resources, including court staff. As a result, you may not be able to find your way around the system to take care of your Lafayette County traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer understands the court system in Lafayette County, and is able to answer all of your questions.

Traffic Tickets in Lafayette County

County and state law enforcement in Lafayette County issues traffic tickets for civil and criminal offenses. Being found guilty of a civil traffic ticket results in fines and points on your driving record. Criminal traffic tickets carry more severe consequences.

By knowing the traffic laws in Lafayette County, a traffic lawyer explains your traffic ticket, and identifies the possible ways that you can take care of your ticket.

Options for Lafayette County Traffic Tickets

A Lafayette County traffic lawyer explains your options for taking care of your traffic ticket, including paying or fighting your ticket. Paying your traffic ticket has drawbacks. When you pay your Lafayette County traffic ticket, you enter a guilty plea with the court. You accumulate points on your driving record, and are responsible for paying fines and administrative fees.

Fighting your ticket means that you need to have a strong case for why you are not guilty of the traffic violation. A traffic lawyer analyzes your case, and gathers evidence. Based on the findings, a traffic lawyer works with the court system to have your case dismissed, or your charges lowered.

In some cases, a traffic lawyer is able to negotiate with the Lafayette County court to allow you to attend traffic school. Completing traffic school protects your driving record and reduces your fines and fees.

Florida’s Points System

Florida uses a points system to track your traffic violations. Each violation is assigned a specific number of points. For example, you receive

* Three (3) points for child seat violations

* Four (4) points for not stopping for a school bus

* Six (6) points for speeding and causing an accident

As points are added to your driving record, your insurance company raises your premiums. The increased premiums last up to three years. Florida employers monitor the driving records of their employees, so you could lose your job. When you have 12 or more points on your driving record, your driving privileges are suspended or revoked.

A traffic lawyer resolves your case so that there is little to no impact on your driving record.

If you have a traffic ticket from Lafayette County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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