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Jefferson County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Monticello, Florida

Jefferson County is located in the northern part of Florida near the panhandle in the metropolitan statistical area. The adjacent counties to Jefferson County in Florida are Madison County, Leon County, Wakulla County and Taylor County. Being a relatively small county, Jefferson County consists of only about 13,000 people. The only incorporated City of Jefferson County is the City of Monticello.

Jefferson County is a part of the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida. Counties in the same Judicial Circuit are Wakulla County, Leon County, Gadsden County, Liberty County, and Franklin County. The current Chief Judge is Judge Charles A. Francis.

Currently in Jefferson County, the sheriff is Sheriff David Hobbs. Jefferson County Law Enforcement Agencies annually produce over 6,000 tickets. The Monticello City Police, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and Florida Highway Patrol are the three main producers of traffic tickets.

Jefferson County is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Georgia in north Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimate, the county is home to 14,658 people.

Jefferson County covers almost 600 square miles, and Monticello is the largest city in the county. The Aucilla and Wacissa Rivers run through the county. Historic landmarks in Jefferson County include the Opera House and Wirick-Simmons House.

Madison County Traffic Tickets

A traffic lawyer helps you with civil and criminal traffic tickets from Jefferson County, such as

* Speeding

* Running a red light

* Reckless driving

* Driving under the influence

* Failing to stop for a school bus

A traffic lawyer reviews your case, and determines the best defense for your violation. A traffic lawyer can identify details about your case, such as

* Was your traffic ticket properly issued?

* Were traffic signs visible from the road?

* Were your rights violated?

* Was the equipment used by law enforcement properly calibrated?

By understanding these facts about your case, a traffic lawyer can advise you about the best option for your traffic ticket that was issued by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Monticello Police Department or Florida Highway Patrol.

Taking Care of Your Traffic Ticket

A traffic lawyer explains the pros and cons of your options, including

* Paying your ticket

* Fighting your ticket through the legal system

* Completing traffic school

Paying your ticket carries high penalties, including

* Points on your driving record

* Fines that may be unnecessary

* Higher insurance premiums

* Risk of losing your job

A Traffic Lawyer Helps You Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Florida uses a points system to track your traffic violations. When you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points are added to your driving record. Your insurance company has the right to raise your premiums if you have points on your record. In some cases, an employer can terminate an employee for not having a clean driving record. The state of Florida may suspend or revoke your driving privileges if you have twelve or more points on your driving record. This means that you could lose your driver’s license with as few as four traffic violations.

Navigating the Jefferson County Court System

A traffic lawyer arranges your court hearing, files the necessary documents with the court clerk and prepares your case for court. Traffic lawyers are also able to negotiate with prosecutors, and, in some cases, settle traffic cases outside of the court room. A traffic lawyer goes to court with you to ensure that your case is properly presented, and your rights are protected.

If you choose to fight your traffic ticket without a traffic lawyer, you will need to make several trips to the county court house, located at 1456 North Jefferson Street in Monticello, Florida. You will need to take time away from work and your family.

The county clerk helps you schedule your court date with the judge. Jefferson County is part of Florida’s Second Judicial Court System. The county judge is Judge Robert R. Plaines. If you fail to appear in court, the judge finds you automatically guilty of your traffic violation.

You need to take care of your Jefferson County traffic ticket quickly to avoid additional penalties. Call our law firm today to speak to one of our traffic lawyers.


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