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Holmes County Florida

Holmes County, Florida is located in the panhandle section of Florida. With a population over 18,000, the county seat is in Bonifay. Other cities include Esto, Noma, Ponce de Leon, and Westville. Aside from the Holmes County Florida Sheriff, the Florida Highway patrol is responsbile for traffic enforcement. Both agencies use radar and laser in traffic enforcement. The Florida Highway Patrol uses a fix wing cessna airplane in an aggressive attempt to curtail speeders.

Both agenices issue unlawful speeding citations, careless driving, reckless driving, and driving under the influence tickets.

Holmes County is one of the smaller counties in Florida with a population of only 18,564. The quaint area is conveniently located between Pensacola and Tallahasse and situated only 30 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico. Residents and tourists enjoy visiting the 443-acre Ponce De Leon State Park, and hiking and camping in the area. Holmes County is also home to the largest diving facility in Florida.

Police and Court Information

Several of the larger towns and cities in the county have their own police departments, including:

* Bonifay

* Esto

* Noma

* Ponce de Leon

* Westville

Any of these police departments may dole out traffic tickets to residents and tourists in Holmes County. The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for issuing traffic tickets. The county is part of the 14th Judicial District of Florida. The county courthouse is located at 201 North Oklahoma Street in Bonifay, Florida. The county judge is Owen N. Powell.

Types of Traffic Tickets

Florida law enforcement agencies may give out tickets for moving violations and nonmoving violations. Moving violations occur when a person violates some type of driving law, such as:

* Speeding

* Driving under the posted minimum speed limit

* Running a red light

* Running a stop sign

* Failure to yield

* Failure to signal

* Driving beween lanes

* Driving on the shoulder

* Driving over a median

* Driving on a pedestrian lane when stopping is required

* Seat belt violation

* Driving past a school bus when passengers are loading or unloading

Nonmoving violations may include infractions such as:

* Parking in a handicapped zone

* Illegal parking

* Driving with no registration

* Having expired license plates

* Leaving a vehicle unattended when it is running

The Consequences of Getting a Traffic Ticket

A person who receives a traffic ticket may face many consequences. He or she may have to pay a fine. The individual may also accumulate points on his or her driver’s license. Too many points may lead to a long-term suspension of the person’s driver’s license. It can also lead to higher insurance premiums.

The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

A traffic lawyer can help a person who has received a traffic ticket. He or she may be able to get the case dismissed if the prosecution is unable to make its case or unwilling to expend resources to fight a traffic case. A traffic lawyer may be able to convince the prosecutor to make a deal, such as allowing the client to attend traffic school in lieu of having a ticket attached to his or her driving record. A traffic lawyer can represent the person in court, if necessary, if the prosecutor refuses to dismiss the case or make a plea bargain. If an important witness is not available to testify against the client, a traffic attorney may be able to show that the government has violated the client’s constitutional rights to confront his accuser. A skilled traffic lawyer can look at every angle of the case and determine a legal strategy. Call our office at 1-888-749-1717 to schedule a free consultation.


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