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Highlands County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Gainesville, Florida

Highlands County Florida is located in central Florida. Law enforcement is extremely proactive in Highlands County, writing almost 10,000 citations yearly for just unlawful speed. In total, law enforcement writes almost 14,000 moving violations yearly in Highlands County. Assisted by the Florida Highway Patrol, the Highlands County Sheriffs office and Sebring police department are primarily responsible for issuing citations.

In Highlands County there are over 400 arrests for DUI yearly. Most of those arrests are made by the Florida Highway Patrol. Highlands County is located within Troop F for the Florida Highway Patrol and aircraft details are conducted there at least once a month. Aircraft speed enforcement involves a Trooper pilot who clocks vehicles between two white lines in the roadway. The pilot will call down to a trooper on the ground who will then pull the vehicle offer and issue a traffic citation.

Because of the rural nature of the county, the Florida Highway Patrol as well as the Sheriffs Office will often turn around on people and pull them over for speeding in the opposite direction. Those are radar cases and the officer needs to bring the proper calibration to court to substantiate the claim that you were speeding.

If you possess a commercial license (A, B, or C) please call our office immediately because you can no longer elect traffic school to keep the points off. There are other possiblities to keep the points off including court ordered traffic school or paying the fine after being ordered to by the court.

If you are traveling betweem West Palm Beach and the west coast of Florida please call our office immediately at 1-800-FIGHT-IT so we can discuss the particular facts of your case.

Highlands County covers more than 1,000 square miles of land in south Florida. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that, as of 2011, the county’s population is 98,630 people. Most of the residents work in hospitality, education and health services.

The largest cities in Highlands County are Sebring, Avon Park and Lake Placid. Lake Istokpoga is at the center of Highlands County. Other natural landmarks include Highlands Hammock State Park and Lake June Scrub State Park. The county’s history is commemorated by the Avon Park Depot Museum, Sebring Historical Museum and Lake Placid Historical Museum.

Protect Your Rights

In Highlands County, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, Lake Placid Police Department, Sebring Police Department, Avon Park Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol issue traffic tickets for “strict liability” offenses. These offenses do not require law enforcement to prove intent when you violate traffic laws. Highlands County law enforcement agencies work to ensure that traffic tickets are issued properly, but limited resources and increased pressure may result in improperly issued traffic tickets.

A traffic lawyer evaluates your case, and examines the details to develop a technical defense. Some of the areas examined by a traffic lawyer include

* Violation of your rights

* Traffic signs that are hidden, or not properly posted

* Equipment malfunctions that result in inaccurate readings in the field

Traffic Tickets in Highlands County

A traffic lawyer manages traffic cases for civil and criminal violations, such as

* Speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Improper lane changes

* Child seat violations

* Reckless driving

When you receive your ticket, you need to act quickly to avoid an automatic conviction by the court. A traffic lawyer explains your options, including

* Paying your traffic ticket

* Fighting your traffic ticket through the legal system

* Attending traffic school

Most drivers pay their tickets without speaking to a Highlands County traffic lawyer. As a result, these drivers pay unnecessary fines, incur points on their driving records and pay higher insurance premiums.

Protect Your Driving Record

A traffic lawyer protects your driving record by working with the court system to find ways to avoid points on your record. When you are convicted of a traffic violation, three to six points are added to your Florida driving record for each violation, and your insurance company has the right to raise your insurance premiums. Some employers have the right to fire employees who do not maintain clean driving records. You could lose your driving privileges with as few as four traffic violations.

Have a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help You in Court

If you fight your traffic ticket alone, you will need to make several trips to the county court house, located at 430 South Commerce Avenue in Sebring, Florida. The county court house is where you schedule your court hearing, and appear in traffic court.

The county clerk tells you which judge is overseeing your case. Highlands County is part of Florida’s Tenth Judicial Circuit Court. The county has four circuit judges and twelve county judges.

* Judge J. Kevin Abdoney (County Judge)

* Judge Barry Bennett (County Judge)

* Judge Angela J. Cowden (Circuit Judge)

* Judge Peter F. Estrada (Circuit Judge)

* Judge Robert G. Fegers (County Judge)

* Judge Susan Barber Flood (County Judge)

* Judge Mary C. Green (County Judge)

* Judge Robert E. Griffin (County Judge)

* Judge Bob Grode (County Judge)

* Judge John Kirkland (County Judge)

* Judge J. David Langford (Circuit Judge)

* Judge Jeffrey J. McKibben (County Judge)

* Judge Reinaldo Ojeda (County Judge)

* Judge Olin W. Shinholser (Circuit Judge)

* Judge Robert L. Williams, Jr. (County Judge)

A traffic lawyer is your ally in the Highlands County court system. Attorneys and judges often extend special consideration to others in the legal profession. A traffic lawyer can expedite your court date, and negotiate with the prosecutor to find a solution that works for you.

Start taking care of your Highlands Park traffic today by calling our law firm to discuss your case.


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