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Hernando County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Brooksville, Florida

Hernando County, Florida is located in north central Florida and has a population of almost 171,000. Interstate 75 runs north and south through the county. In addition US 301 runs in the northern portion of the county. There are two cities in Hernando County, Brooksville and Weeki Wachee. The Hernando County Sheriffs office is the primary law enforcement agency within the county. Assisted by the Florida Highway Patrol, both agencies are actively involved in traffic enforcement. Both agencies issue speeding infractions, no valid driver’s license, driving while license suspended, driving under the influence, and careless driving.

Hernando County is in the fifth judicial circuit and the courthouse is located at 20 North Main Street in Brooksville, Florida 34601.

Hernando County, Florida is located along the banks of the Gulf of Mexico. The primary cities are Ridge Manor, Brooksville, and Spring Hill, with Brooksville being designated as the county seat.

Law Enforcement and Courts

Brooksville is the only town in the county to have a city police department. Aside from that, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for patrolling the rest of the county. Hernando County lies in Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit, and the county’s circuit court is located in Brooksville. Don Barbee Jr. is the Clerk of Circuit Court and handles the payment of traffic tickets. These tickets must be paid within 30 days, and paying fines late can result in a late fee or the suspension of one’s driver’s license.

Mandatory Appearance

Certain drivers are required to come to court and may not pay their citations online. This includes drivers who failed to provide proof of insurance, vehicle registration or a driver’s license at the time they were stopped. Those who were cited for faulty equipment must also personally appear. Drivers who failed to pay a previous ticket within the 30-day timeframe must also be present during their scheduled court hearing.

Possible Outcomes

During a hearing in traffic court, a judge may render a guilty or not guilty verdict. A guilty verdict will automatically result in fines being assessed against an individual’s driver’s license. The same holds true for those who pay their fines without appearing, as they are essentially pleading guilty by doing so.

Points System

Each offense can be worth between three and six points against a driver’s license depending on the nature of it. Minor speeding infractions (15 mph or less over limit), running a stop sign, or failing to follow child restraint guidelines will result in a three-point penalty. Trying to pass a stopped school bus or running a red light is worth four points, while leaving the scene of an accident is worth six points. Points continue to accumulate with each subsequent offense.


When drivers have reached 12 points in a 12-month time frame, a license is suspended for 30 days. Receiving 18 points within 18 months results in a three-month suspension. This increases to one year whenever a driver obtains 24 points in a 36-month period.

Driver Improvement Course

After receiving a citation, operators can elect to take a driver improvement course to avoid having points assessed against their license. Those who have already done so within the past year are unable to take advantage of this opportunity again. Their only option may be to consult with a Hernando County traffic ticket attorney in order to fight the allegations in a court of law.

Being found guilty of a traffic offense is no minor situation. There are repercussions long after the verdict is rendered by way of increased insurance premiums. In some cases, this can also affect one’s ability to find employment. Those who have received a traffic ticket may want to consult with a Hernando County ticket lawyer in order to preserve their driving record as much as possible.


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