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Hendry County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving LaBelle, Florida

There are more than 5,500 traffic citations for moving violations issued in Hendry County, Florida every year. As in most counties, Hendry writes a good amount of speeding tickets issued. Speeding tickets rank for the highest amount of tickets written in Hendry by a long shot. Running a red light and running a stop sign are second and third among non-criminal moving violations. Other non-criminal moving violations written in Hendry include careless driving, child restraint tickets and failure to yield the right of way.

The most tickets issued in this county when it comes to criminal moving violations are for driver’s license issues. There are tickets written for either improper license, no driver’s license or expired license. There are also tickets issued for driving with a suspended license or a revoked license. That translates to a whopping 67% of all criminal moving violations related to driver’s license issues and nearly 23% of all moving violation tickets were written for issues related to a driver’s license, which is a stunning number. When it comes to criminal moving violations there are citations issued for expired tags and improper tags and DUI. Driving Under the Influence was the seventh-most ticketed moving violation in Hendry County.

Payments for your traffic ticket in Hendry County can be made at three different locations that are all located in LaBelle, Florida. The clerk’s office does not accept checks. You can choose a driver education course or you can challenge the ticket in traffic court. Either way you must inform the Hendry County clerk of courts of your intentions.

Hendry County is located in south Florida near Lake Okeechobee. In 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 39,089 people live in the county. Many of the residents work in agriculture and public administration.

The largest cities in Hendry County are Clewiston and La Belle. The county is known for its historic homes, as well as the Captain Hendry House, Ft. Denaud Bridge and Clewiston Inn.

Traffic Violations in Hendry County

Cities and counties in Florida have many traffic laws that are unique to their regions. As a result, you may not understand your traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer explains your traffic ticket that was issued by the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, Clewiston Police Department or Florida Highway Patrol. This knowledge helps you avoid future traffic tickets in Hendry County.

A traffic lawyer is knowledgeable about the most common civil and criminal traffic violations, such as speeding and driving under the influence. Many drivers, though, are unaware of other traffic violations, such as child seat violations and failing to stop for a school bus.

A Traffic Lawyer Saves You Time and Money

Waiting to take care of your Hendry County traffic ticket costs you time and money. Paying your ticket without going to court, though, may result in unnecessary fines, and points on your driving record.

Speaking with a traffic lawyer immediately after you receive a traffic ticket helps you understand your options, including

* Paying the ticket

* Fighting the ticket through the legal system

* Attending traffic school

The traffic lawyer explains the pros and cons of each option, and can, often times, settle your traffic ticket without going to court.

The Consequences of Points on Your Driving Record

A traffic lawyer helps you avoid having points added to your record. Traffic violations in Florida are reflected on your driving record through a points system. You receive points after you are found guilty of a traffic violation. The court considers you guilty when you

* Pay your ticket

* Fail to appear in court

* Lose your case in court, or agree to a lesser charge

Insurance companies have the right to raise premiums for up to three years based on the driving records of their customers. When you have 12 or more points on your record, the state may suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

A Traffic Lawyer Understands the Court System

Fighting a traffic ticket in Hendry County takes a great deal of time, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the court system. Many drivers become frustrated when they realize that fighting their tickets alone means navigating a complex court system.

Traffic court is held at the county court house, located at 25 East Hickpochee Avenue in LaBelle, Florida. The court clerk reviews your ticket, and tells you which judge has been assigned to your case. Hendry County is part of Florida’s Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court, and your case may be assigned to either Circuit Judge Donald H. Mason, or County Judge James D. Sloan. The clerk also tells you the date, time and location of your court hearing. If you fail to appear in court, you are found guilty of the traffic violations.

A traffic lawyer handles the details of your case for you, including scheduling your hearing, and preparing your case. The legal community extends certain considerations to each other. As a result, your traffic lawyer can get your hearing scheduled sooner, and may be able to avoid court by negotiating a deal with the prosecutor.

Call our law office today to find out how a traffic lawyer can help you with your Hendry County traffic ticket.


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