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Glades County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Moore Haven, Florida

Glades County Florida is located in the southern central part of Florida. Glades county has a total square mileage of 986. Following the last census, the estimated population is over 12,635. Glades County Florida is part of the 20th Judicial Circuit. Aside from Glades county, the 20th Circuit is made up of Charlotte, Collier, Hendry and Lee Counties.

The primary law enforcement agency is the Glades County Sheriffs Office. The sheriffs office is a very proactive law enforcement office. The patrol division is divided into three different patrol divisions. The main location is in Moore Haven and the entire division is comprised of at least 19 officers who work 12 hour shifts.

Aside from the sheriffs office, the Florida Highway Patrol will respond to accidents and enforce the Florida traffic laws. The law enforcement officers in Glades County wrote over 4,000 speeding citations last year. Many of those indivduals were driving across the state when they got picked up for speeding.

Glades County Clerk of Court is located in Moore Haven, Florida and is the keeper of the county records.

Glades County is located in south Florida along the shores of Lake Okeechobee. Moore Haven is the largest city in the county.

In addition to Lake Okeechobee, Glades County offers several historic and natural landmarks. Brighton Seminole Reservation, Cypress Knee Museum and Ortona Indian Mounds Park are located in the county.

Traffic Tickets in Glades County

A traffic lawyer helps you with civil and criminal Glades County traffic tickets, such as those issued for

* Speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Failing to stop for a school bus

* Child seat violations

* Failing to obey traffic signals, including traffic lights and stop signs

Traffic tickets in Glades County are issued by the Glades County Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol. You may not understand the violation, or why you received a traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer knows the regional and state laws in Glades County, and explains the violation cited on your traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer analyzes your case from many different angles, and identifies technical defenses to help you fight your traffic ticket.

Talk to a Traffic Lawyer Before You Pay

Traffic tickets cause anxiety for a lot of drivers, especially new drivers who have never dealt with law enforcement. These drivers frequently pay their tickets out of fear and uncertainty.

A traffic lawyer reviews your case, and explains the benefits and drawbacks of your options, including

* Paying your ticket without going to court

* Fighting your ticket through the legal system

* Completing traffic school

Traffic Violations Damage Your Driving Record

In Florida, you can lose your driving privileges with as few as four traffic violations. Traffic violations are recorded on your driving record through Florida’s points system. You receive

* Three (3) points for violations such as driving 14 mph or less over the posted speed limit, moving against traffic and improper lane change

* Four (4) points for violations such as reckless driving, not stopping for a school bus and failing to observe traffic signals

* Six (6) points for violations such as leaving the scene of an accident that causes property damage greater than $50 and unlawful speeding that results in an accident

Points on your record result in higher insurance premiums. The state can suspend or revoke your driving privileges when you have accumulated 12 or more points. A traffic lawyer may be able to negotiate a deal with the court system to avoid having points added to your record.

Glades County Court System

Finding your way through the Glades County court system is stressful and takes time away from your family and job. Glades County is part of Florida’s Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court. Fighting your ticket in court requires multiple trips to traffic court at the county court house, located at 500 Avenue J SW in Moore Haven, Florida. The county clerk assigns your case to Circuit Judge Donald H. Mason, or to County Judge Jack Lundy.

Courts give priority to cases with legal representation. Your court date may be months after you received your Glades County traffic ticket, leaving you to worry about the outcome of your case.

A traffic lawyer gets your case in front of the judge sooner, and prepares your case for court.

Call our law firm today to start the process of fighting your Glades County traffic ticket.


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