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Gadsden County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Quincy, Florida

Gadsden County Florida is located in the panhandle of Florida with a population of approximately 46151. The county seat is Quincy, Florida which is also the location for the clerks office. Gadsden County is part of the 2nd Judicial Circuit which comprises Franklin, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, and Wakulla counties.

The Gadsden County sheriffs office is the main law enforcement agency in the county. Because interstate 10 runs through the county, the Gadsden County sheriffs office is constantly patrolling the interstate to combat speeders and reckless drivers. The Florida Highway Patrol, Troop H, have troopers that are assigned to work Gadsden County. Several Gadsden County law enforcement agencies, including the sheriffs office, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Compliance, Havana Police, and Gretna Police recently worked a sting refferred to as Operation HEAT(Highway Enforcement Reduction Team). This team worked interstate 10 and issued almost 200 citations, a majority of them for speeding.

If you received a citation in Gadsden County, Florida give our office a call at 1-800-FIGHT-IT.

Gadsden County, Florida is located in the northern part of the state along the Georgia border. The population of this county is around 46,151 people who occupy just over 516 square miles of land mass. This amounts to a population density of about 90 people per square mile, which is much less than the statewide average of 350.6. The largest towns in this county are Quincy, Midway, Havana and Greensboro.

The county seat of Gadsden County is the town of Quincy. This town has a golf course, music theater, and full service marina. Much of the county is rural area, making it ideal for outdoor activity such as biking, hiking, and nature watching. There are also several points of historical interest found within the city of Quincy.

Government Information

Gadsden is located in Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit. Its circuit court is located at the courthouse in Quincy. Nicholas Thomas is the Circuit Court Clerk, and he is responsible for receiving payment of traffic tickets. Citations can be paid in person or online, and citizens can also request a court hearing by visiting the clerk’s office in person.

Driver Improvement Training

When paying a ticket online, Gadsden residents can also sign up for a driver improvement program. They can search for a program online in order to find one that is close to where they live or work. Classes are held in person or online in order to make it easy for everyone to obtain this training. When signing up, it’s important to do so within 30 days of receiving a ticket; otherwise, the opportunity to do so will no longer be available.

Benefits of Driver Improvement Training

Many people elect to take driver improvement training for one very important reason: no points are assessed against one’s license when doing so. It can be an excellent way for those who have been caught committing a moving violation to obtain a little bit of mercy from the court. It also reduces the monetary fine by 18%, which makes this training even more desirable.

Possible Suspensions

When drivers rack up 12 points against their license within a 12-month period, their license can be suspended for 30 days. Minors can have their driver’s license restricted to businesses purposes for a full year after receiving only six points in the same timeframe. Some of the points for moving violations include:

Three points for speeding (15 mph or less)

Four points for reckless driving

Six points for speeding when it results in an accident

Seeking Advice from an Attorney

Those who have had their driver’s license suspended in the past may want to contact a Gadsden County traffic lawyer if they receive another citation. That’s because a driver’s license can be suspended again if 18 points in an 18-month period or 24 points in a 36-month period are accrued. A Quincy traffic ticket attorney is in a better position to advise his or her clients as to whether they should pay the fine and enter a guilty plea, or contest the ticket in a court of law.


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