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Flagler County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Bushnell, Florida

Every year there are thousands non-criminal moving violation citations issued in Flagler County. There are thousands more for criminal traffic violations. That adds up to nearly 10,000 tickets for moving violations annually in just one county alone. The overwhelming majority of those tickets were issued for speeding violations. Drivers in Flagler County were cited for speeding almost 5,000 times. The only other citation issued more than 1,000 times for a moving violation was running a red light.

When it comes to criminal violations, more than 600 citations were written in Flagler for driving with a suspended license, the most of any category for criminal moving violations. Having an expired driver’s license and/or an expired tag equaled nearly 500 citations and there are nearly 200 DUIs.

There were plenty of citations issued for reckless driving, hit and run, careless driving and running a stop sign as well. Of the 9,455 citations issued for moving violations, less than 1,000 of those who received these citations were found guilty but on the other hand only six were found not guilty.

Traffic citations in Flagler County can be paid to the Clerk of Courts located in the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center on East Moody Blvd. in Bushnell, Florida. Or you can call our law firm at 1-800-FIGHT IT (344-4848) to speak with an experienced and aggressive traffic defense lawyer.

Flagler County, Florida was created out of 485 square miles of land area that previously belonged to portions of Volusia and Saint Johns counties. There are around 97,376 people who live here according to the latest figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau. This gives the county a population density of about 197 people per square mile, making it a moderately populated county overall.

Things to see:

Visitors to Flagler County are never without plenty of fun activities,  there are plenty of interesting sites to see including:

  • Betty Stefflik Preserve
  • Flagler Beach Historical Museum
  • Gallery of Local Art
  • Ocean Palm Golf Course
  • Government, Politics, and Law Enforcement

Flagler County is located in the 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Two of its major cities-Bunnell and Palm Coast-both have elected officials and operate their own city police departments. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for patrolling the unincorporated areas of the county. The office of the clerk of court is located at the courthouse in Bunnell and accepts payments for all traffic citations issued in this county. Traffic tickets can also be paid online.

Types of Traffic Offenses in Flagler County

Speeding continues to be one of the primary offenses here in Flagler County. As the amount of speed increases, so do the fines and penalties. Those who exceed the posted limit by 15 mph or less will receive a lesser fine and be assessed only three points against their driving record. Motorists who operate 16 mph or more above the posted limit face heftier fines along with a four-point penalty against their driving record. Other four-point offenses include:

  • Any moving violation that results in accident (except for speeding, which is worth 6 points)
  • Attempting to pass a school bus that is stopped
  • Failing to obey traffic signals or devices
  • Alternatives when faced with a Citation

Drivers who receive a traffic ticket in Flagler County don’t have to simply pay the fine. They can also choose to plead not guilty. This must be done within 30 days after receiving a citation. When pleading not guilty, motorists are then given a date for a court hearing. Operators can also elect to take driver improvement training provided they have not done so within the previous 12 months. Doing so results in a guilty verdict; however, no points are assessed against one’s driving record after doing so.

Consulting with a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Although many Flagler County residents never consider consulting an attorney after receiving a traffic ticket, there can be a few situations when it is beneficial to do so:

  • When a driver has exceed the lifetime maximum number of driver improvement training courses
  • Minors who receive tickets, as it takes fewer points to reach a suspension threshold
  • Those who hold a commercial driver’s license, as their livelihood could be at stake

Flagler County traffic lawyers can give sound advice that can help clients deal with the stress associated with receiving a citation. In order to obtain the best possible outcome, drivers should contact an attorney as soon as possible after an incident.


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