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Escambia County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Pensacola, Florida

Escambia County is located in the panhandle of Florida and is Florida’s most western county. The county stretches 662 square miles and is home to more than 299,114 residents. Pensacola is the county seat and Pensacola Traffic Ticket Lawyerthe Escambia County Sheriffs Office is the main law enforcement agency for the area. Escambia County is located within Florida’s First Judicial Circuit which encompasses Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties. The Escambia County Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the records of the county. Their website allows you to track your case and look up new court dates.

The county courthouse is located in Pensacola and is located at 190 Governmental Center, Pensacola, Florida 32502.

Local universities include the University of West Florida, Pensacola Junior College and Pensacola Christian College.

Natural landmarks in Escambia County include Pensacola Beach, Big Lagoon State Recreational Area and Gulf Islands National Seashore. Other landmarks include the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola Village and Fort Pickens.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Escambia County

When you drive in Escambia County, you are subject to following city, county and state traffic laws. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office enforces county laws, while Pensacola’s city laws are enforced by the Pensacola Police Department. The Florida Highway Patrol also operates in the county to enforce state driving laws.

Escambia County is part of Florida’s First Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house, including traffic court, is located at 190 West Government Street in Pensacola, Florida.

The 12 circuit court judges in Escambia County are

* Judge Michael G. Allen

* Judge Gary L. Bergosh

* Judge Ross L. Bilbrey

* Judge W. Joel Boles

* Judge J. Scott Duncan

* Judge Ross M. Goodman

* Judge Michael Jones

* Judge Edward P. Nickinson

* Judge Linda L. Nobles

* Judge Thomas R. Santurri

* Judge Jan Shackelford

* Judge Terry D. Terrell

Escambia County has five county judges.

* Judge Thomas V. Dannheiser

* Judge Darlene F. Dickey

* Judge Thomas E. Johnson

* Judge Pat Kinsey

* Judge Joyce H. Williams

Traffic Tickets in Escambia County

City, county and state law enforcement issues citations for civil and criminal traffic violations. Civil violations typically require that you pay a fine, and incur points on your driving record. Criminal traffic violations carry higher penalties, including jail time.

A traffic lawyer helps you with your traffic ticket, including civil and criminal violations that involve

* Speeding

* Driving without a valid license

* Causing an accident while speeding

* Driving under the influence

* Refusing to submit a breath test

* Improper lane change

* Running a red light

Options for Escambia County Traffic Tickets

A traffic lawyer will explain the options for taking care of your traffic ticket. Many drivers believe that the best way to handle a traffic ticket is to pay the fine. This option, though, results in points being added to your driving record, and your insurance company could raise your premiums.

Successfully fighting a traffic ticket is difficult without a traffic lawyer. Drivers who fight their tickets alone often find themselves in court without proper evidence to defend themselves.

A traffic lawyer is able to discover details in your case that improve your chances of winning. By gathering evidence and working with the court system, a traffic lawyer can often avoid a court hearing. If you do go to court, the traffic lawyer handles your case before the judge.

A traffic lawyer may be able to make an agreement with the court to allow you to attend traffic school. This option means that points are not added to your driving record, and your fine may be reduced.

Florida’s Points System

Traffic violations are recorded on your driving record by using a point system, and the law details the number of points required for each violation. When you have too many points on your record, your license is suspended or revoked. Additionally, your insurance company has the right to raise your premiums for up to three years.

With the help of a traffic lawyer, you can avoid points on your driving record, and increases in your insurance premiums.

If you have a traffic ticket from Escambia County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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