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Duval County Florida

Duval County Florida is located in the northeast corner of the State of Florida. With a population close to a million people. Duval county and the Jacksonville area are growing rapidly. Duval County and the city of Jacksonville consolidated to form a single government during the 1960’s and maintain a uniform city-county government still today. The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office is the main law enforcement division in the area. Located in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, the Duval County Courthouse is located in downtown Jacksonville at 330 East Bay Street. Duval County has a traffic violations bureau that handles both civil and criminal traffic citations.

Interstate 95 passes directly through Duval County and is often the location of many Florida Highway Patrol Troopers. Local colleges and universities include the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, Florida Community College of Jacksonville, and Florida Coastal School of Law.

Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Jacksonville, and Neptune Beach are cities located within Duval County.

According to the 2011 estimates by the U.S. census Bureau, Duval County is home to 870,709 residents. The county is located in north Florida along the Atlantic Ocean. The largest cities in the county are Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach. Landmarks in the county include the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve, Museum of Science and Natural History and Jacksonville Zoological Gardens.

Traffic Tickets in Duval County

Duval County traffic tickets are issued by the

* Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

* Atlantic Beach Police Department

* Jacksonville Beach Police Department

* Neptune Beach Police Department

* Florida Highway Patrol

A traffic lawyer helps you with your civil and criminal traffic tickets, such as

* Speeding

* Careless driving

* Toll violations

* Improper passing

* Driving under the influence

* Leaving the scene of an accident

After reviewing your case, your traffic lawyer looks for technical defenses in your case.

Understanding Your Options After Receiving a Traffic Ticket

A Duval County traffic lawyer explains your options, including the pros and cons of each option.

* Pay your ticket

* Fight your ticket in the court system

* Elect to attend traffic school

Paying your traffic ticket results in points being added to your Florida driving record. Each violation results in three to six points being added to your record. If you have too many points, you could lose your driving privileges, and your insurance premiums may increase for up to three years. Many employers in Florida require their employees to maintain clean driving records. Traffic violations on your record result in being fired from your job.

Preparing for Court

Duval County is part of Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. Fighting your traffic ticket requires you to file documents with the county clerk within 30 days of receiving your ticket. If you fail to file the proper documents, the court automatically finds you guilty of the traffic offense.

Without a traffic lawyer, you are responsible for the timely filing of all court documentation. The county court house is located at 501 West Adams Street in Jacksonville. Traffic court is held by the Traffic Violations Bureau, located at the Southgate Plaza (3470 Beach Boulevard) in Jacksonville.

A traffic lawyer files the court documents for you, in addition to preparing your case for court. In some cases, a Duval County traffic lawyer can work with the prosecution and judge to lower or dismiss your charges.

If you do go to court, your traffic lawyer appears with you to present your case to one of the county judges.

* Judge Emmet F. Ferguson, III

* Judge Roberto A. Arias

* Judge Brent D. Shore

* Judge Russell L. Healey

* Judge John A. Moran

* Judge James A. Ruth

* Judge Scott Mitchell

* Judge Charles Cofer

* Judge Pauline Drake

* Judge Eleni Derke

* Judge Sharon Tanner

* Judge Harold C. Arnold

* Judge Mose Floyd

* Judge Gary Flower

* Judge Ronald P. Higbee

* Judge Angela M. Cox

* Judge Dawn K. Hudson

Because a Duval County traffic lawyer works with these judges every day, you can feel confident about the outcome of your case.

Talk to one of our Duval County traffic lawyers today by calling our law firm.


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