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Dixie County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Cross City, Florida

Dixie County Florida has a population of 16,486. The county seat is located in Cross City, Florida and it is part of the 3rd Judicial Circuit. The primary law enforcement agency is the Dixie County sheriffs office. The Dixie County Sheriffs Office is aggressive in its traffic enforcement. There were almost 2,000 speeding citations written last year in Dixie County.

The Dixie County Sheriffs office is assisted by the Florida highway patrol. Both agencies are aggressive in their traffic enforcement. They issues hundreds of tickets monthly for unlawful speed, careless driving, driving while license suspended, dui, reckless driving, and racing on a highway. The Florida Highway Patrol has an aircraft enforcement program. A trooper in the air will clock vehicles as they cross over two lines. The trooper will then call down to a trooper on the ground who will pull the vehicle over and issue a citation.┬áMany individuals were also cited for driving without a valid driver’s license.

The courthouse is located at 214 NE 351 Highway in Cross City. The Dixie County Clerk of Court now has an online search option. Click here to access the court records search option.

Dixie County is located on the Gulf of Mexico in north Florida. Cross City and Horseshoe Beach are the largest cities in the county. The major landmarks in Dixie County include Jackson Watering Hole, Old Towne School and Putnam Lodge.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Dixie County

The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office and Cross City Police Department are responsible for enforcing the laws in the county. The Florida Highway Patrol enforces state traffic laws.

Dixie County is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house is located at 214 County Road 351 in Cross City, Florida. Traffic court is held at the county court house. The county judge for Dixie County is Judge Frederick Koberlein, who manages all court cases in the county.

Like many of the small counties in Florida, Dixie County relies on the revenue from traffic violations. As budgets tighten, county and city officials change traffic laws and increase fines. Working with a traffic lawyer helps you avoid becoming part of the county’s plan to raise revenue through traffic tickets.

Traffic Tickets in Dixie County

Traffic tickets are issued in Dixie County for civil and criminal traffic offenses. Civil traffic violations include

* Failing to obey Florida’s “Move Over” law

* Being a spectator at a street race

* Improper passing

* Violating the right of way

These violations typically require you to pay a fine, and incur points on your driving record.

Criminal traffic tickets are issued for more severe violations, including driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. Penalties for criminal traffic violations are more severe than civil violations, and could include jail time.

A traffic lawyer helps you understand the severity of your traffic ticket. The traffic lawyer considers your case from all possible angles, and finds ways to resolve the case in your favor.

Options for Dixie County Traffic Tickets

When you receive a traffic ticket in Dixie County, you can choose to pay the ticket or fight it. Paying a traffic ticket is the same as entering a guilty plea with the court. You are responsible for paying the fines, and you incur points on your driving record.

Fighting your traffic ticket requires the knowledge and expertise of a traffic lawyer. These lawyers work with the court system every day, and understand city, county and state traffic laws. A traffic lawyer finds evidence to help, and may be able to settle your traffic ticket without going to court. If you do go to court, the traffic lawyer presents your case to the judge.

Traffic lawyers are able to negotiate with the courts. Your traffic lawyer may be able to reach an agreement with the court for you to attend traffic school. The benefits of traffic school are lower fines, fewer points being added to your driving record and lower insurance premiums.

Florida’s Points Systems

Even when you pay your ticket without fighting it, you receive points on your driving record. The number of points depends on the traffic violation, and ranges from three to six points per violation. Your driving privileges can be suspended or revoked if you have more than 12 points on your record. Based on your driving record, your insurance company can raise your premiums, and your employer can demote or fire you.

Taking care of your Dixie County traffic ticket can be a stressful and confusing experience. By working with a traffic lawyer, you can feel confident about the outcome of your case.

If you have a traffic ticket from Dixie County, call our law firm to discuss your case.



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