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Desoto County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Arcadia, Florida

Florida Traffic Ticket LawyerDesoto County Florida is located approximately 55 miles east of Sarasota and Bradenton. A primarily rural area, Desoto County continues to see population growth. Desoto County is part of the twelfth judicial circuit which makes up Sarasota and Manatee counties.

The Desoto county courthouse is located in downtown Arcadia, Florida at 115 East Oak Street. Desoto county has a circuit Judge and a county Judge. The clerk’s office has a website that allows for tracking of cases online. The primary law enforcement agencies in Desoto County include the Florida Highway Patrol and Desoto County Sheriffs office. The city of Arcadia Florida also has its own police department.

The cities of Brownville, Deep Creek, Fort Ogden, Hull, Lake Suzy, Nocatee, Pine Level, and southeast Arcadia make up the geographic make up of Desoto county.

DeSoto County is located in southern Florida and has a population of 34,894 people (U.S. Census Bureau 2011 estimates). The largest city in the county is the county seat of Arcadia. South Florida Community College is located in DeSoto County. The county’s historical landmarks include downtown Arcadia and Owens Historic School.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in DeSoto County

Traffic laws are enforced in DeSoto County by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, and, in the city of Arcadia, the Arcadia Police Department. State traffic laws are enforced by the Florida Highway Patrol.

DeSoto County is part of Florida’s Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house, including traffic court, is located at 115 East Oak Street in Arcadia, Florida. County civil and criminal cases are handled by Judge Don T. Hall. Judge James S. Parker is the circuit court judge for DeSoto County.

When you want to resolve your traffic ticket from DeSoto County, a traffic lawyer explains the court process. This saves you time and helps you take care of your traffic ticket with confidence.

Traffic Tickets in DeSoto County

Traffic tickets are issued in DeSoto County for civil and criminal violations. Civil offenses typically require you to pay a fine. You also incur points on your driving record. Criminal offenses result in higher penalties that may include jail time.

Traffic laws can change each year, and you may not understand why you received a traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer explains the city, county and state traffic laws that apply to your traffic ticket.

Options for Traffic Tickets in DeSoto County

Your traffic ticket from DeSoto County describes the process for paying or fighting your ticket. Paying your ticket may seem like the best route, but you have other options. A traffic lawyer reviews your case, and describes the pros and cons of each option.

The traffic lawyer fights your traffic ticket for you. If you win your case, you may be able to avoid paying fines, and having points added to your driving record. A traffic lawyer gathers evidence for your case, and works with the court system to find the solution that works best for you. If your case goes to court, your traffic lawyer appears in court with you.

Traffic school may be an option for you. By completing one of the state’s authorized programs, you may avoid having points added to your record, and your fines could be lowered.

Florida’s Points System

Many drivers do not understand the implications of having points on their driving records. For each traffic violation, you receive a specific number of points, ranging from three to six points. Your driving privileges can be suspended and revoked if you have 12 or more points on your record. Your insurance company may raise your premiums for up to three years. Employers are using driving records more frequently. You may be at risk for a demotion, or losing your job.

Traffic tickets can cause you a great deal of stress. A traffic lawyer works closely with you to resolve your DeSoto County traffic ticket quickly.

If you have a traffic ticket from DeSoto County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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