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Columbia County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Lake City, Florida

Columbia County Florida is located on the Georgia border. Columbia county is part of the third Judicial Circuit which makes up Dixie, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, Suwannee, and Taylor Counties. Interstate 75 which runs from Michigan to Florida is the main interstate which runs through the county. Primary traffic enforcement is conducted by the Florida Highway Patrol. The Columbia County sheriffs office patrols the unincorporated areas of the county. They issue many tickets, including speed, careless driving, no valid drivers license, driving while license suspended, and driving under the influence.

The main courthouse for Columbia County Florida is located 145 North Hernando Lake City, Florida 32055.

Columbia County is located in north Florida. The 2011 estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that 67,485 people live in the county. The largest cities in Columbia County are Lake City and Ft. White. The University of Florida and Florida State University have campuses in Columbia County. The significant landmarks include the Columbia County Historical Museum and Olustee Battlefield.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Columbia County

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for enforcing county traffic laws in Columbia County. The police department in Lake City enforces the city’s traffic laws. Drivers are also required to follow state traffic laws in Columbia County, which are enforced by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Columbia County is part of Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house is located at 173 Northeast Hernando Avenue in Lake City, Florida. Traffic court is managed by the Traffic Department at the county court house.

Columbia County has one chief judge, Judge Leandra G. Johnson; three circuit judges and one county judge.

* Judge Paul S. Bryan, Circuit Judge

* Judge Tom Coleman, County Judge

* Judge Julian E. Collins, Circuit Judge

* Judge Wesley R. Douglas, Circuit Judge

A traffic lawyer works with the Columbia County court system to find the best solution for you.

Traffic Tickets in Columbia County

Cities, counties and states rely on traffic violations to increase revenue. As a result, laws have changed, and traffic fines have increased. A traffic lawyer understands the traffic laws in Columbia County.

Traffic violations in Columbia County include civil and criminal offenses. Violations are also categorized as moving and non-moving offenses. Civil traffic violations typically require you to pay a fine, and incur points on your driving record. Criminal violations, such as driving under the influence, carry greater penalties, including jail time.

A traffic lawyer evaluates your case from several angles in order to find the best solution to your Columbia County traffic ticket. A traffic lawyer is able to determine if your traffic ticket was issued improperly, or if your rights were violated.

Options for Columbia County Traffic Tickets

Before you pay your Columbia County traffic ticket, you should understand how this affects you. Many drivers pay their Columbia County traffic tickets because it is easier than fighting the ticket. When you pay a traffic ticket from Columbia County, your driving privileges are at risk, and your insurance premiums may increase.

A traffic lawyer may recommend that you fight your ticket based on the details of your case. The traffic lawyer prepares your case by gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses. In some cases, traffic tickets can be resolved without going to court. If you do go to court, a traffic attorney appears in court with you.

Florida law allows for drivers to complete traffic school to avoid fines and points on their driving records. A traffic lawyer may be able to gain permission from the court for you to attend traffic school.

Florida’s Points System

Drivers who are found guilty of traffic violations in Columbia County risk losing their driving privileges. For each traffic violation, you incur points on your driving record. For example, you receive

* Three (3) points for driving 15 mph or less above the posted speed limit

* Four (4) points for driving 16 mph or more over the posted speed limit

* Six (6) points for leaving the scene of an accident that results in property damage of more than $50

Your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked if you have 12 points or more on your record. Insurance companies and employers monitor your driving record, putting you at risk for higher insurance premiums, and the loss of your job.

A traffic lawyer works to protect you against the penalties of traffic tickets in Columbia County. Having a traffic lawyer working for you helps you feel more confident about the outcome of your case.

If you have a traffic ticket from Columbia County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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