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Citrus County Florida

Citrus County, Florida is located on the west coast of Florida. The county has two cities, Crystal River and Iverness. Citrus county is part of the 5th judicial circuit. The primary law enforcement agency is the Citrus county sheriffs office. Aside from the sheriffs office, the Florida Higway Patrol is the main traffic enforcement agency. Both agencies share duties in writing speeding tickets, careless driving, no valid drivers license, suspended license, driving under the influence, and fleeing to elude.

The Citrus county clerks office is the keeper of the records. Their website is very helpful in searching court records. The courthouse is located at 110 North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, Florida 34450.

According to the 2011 estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau, Citrus County has a population of 140,031 people. The largest cities in the county are Inverness and Crystal River. Historical landmarks in Citrus County include the Coastal Heritage Museum, the State Arch, Yulee Sugarmill Historic Site and Old Courthouse Heritage Museum. Natural landmarks include Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Liberty Park and Whispering Pines Park.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Citrus County

Law enforcement in Citrus County is managed by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and Crystal River Police Department. The Florida Highway Patrol also works in Citrus County to enforce state traffic laws.

Citrus County is part of Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house is located at 110 North Apopka Avenue in Inverness, Florida.

Citrus County has four circuit judges and one county judge.

* Judge Carol Falvey, Circuit Judge

* Judge Lisa D. Herndon, Circuit Judge

* Judge Richard A. Howard, Circuit Judge

* Judge Sandy K. Kautz, Circuit Judge

* Judge Mark J. Yerman, County Judge

Traffic Tickets in Citrus County

Law enforcement in Citrus County issues citations for civil and criminal traffic violations. Citrus County civil traffic offenses typically result in fines and points on your driving record. Criminal traffic offenses carry greater penalties.

The state of Florida considers traffic tickets as “strict liability” offenses. In these cases, law enforcement is not required to prove that you intended to break the law. A traffic lawyer understands the city, county and state traffic laws in Citrus County. The traffic lawyer reviews your case, and works with the court to find a solution that works best for you.

Options for Citrus County Traffic Tickets

A traffic lawyer explains your options for taking care of your traffic ticket. These options include paying your ticket, fighting your ticket and, in some cases, attending traffic court.

Before paying your ticket, you should understand the long-term consequences. When you pay your ticket, the court enters a guilty plea in the case. You are responsible for paying the fines and administrative fees associated with your traffic ticket. You also accrue points on your driving record.

In many cases, a Citrus County traffic lawyer will recommend that you first take your case to court. The traffic lawyer prepares your case by gathering evidence, and reviewing the circumstances of your traffic ticket. Based on the evidence gathered by the traffic lawyer, the court may decide to dismiss your case, or lower the charges. Some traffic tickets are dismissed because traffic lawyers are able to prove that the traffic ticket should not have been issued, or that your rights were violated.

A Citrus County traffic lawyer may be able to convince the court to dismiss your case based on your agreement to attend traffic school. Attending traffic school helps you avoid having points added to your driving record, and may even reduce your fines.

Florida’s Points System

In addition to the high cost of fines and fees, you risk losing your driving privileges as a result of a Citrus County traffic ticket. Laws in the state of Florida require that drivers who are found guilty of traffic violations have points added to their driving records. When you have sufficient points on your record, your driving privileges can be revoked or suspended, your insurance company can raise your premiums and your employer may have grounds to demote or fire you.

Citrus County traffic lawyers work to protect your rights, livelihood and driving privileges. A traffic lawyer reviews your case, and works with you to find a solution. Working with a traffic lawyer to resolve your Citrus County traffic ticket helps you worry less about the consequences of your citation.

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