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Charlotte County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Sarasota and Fort Myers, Florida

Located in the twentieth judicial circuit Charlotte County is sandwiched between Sarasota and Ft. Myers. A fast growing community, the local courthouse is located on the peace river in downtown Punta Gorda. The courthouse is located 350 East Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda, Florida. Local law enforcement agencies include the punta gorda police, Florida Highway Patrol, and the charlotte county sheriffs office. Local law enforcement make many DUI arrests at checkpoints which are conducted monthly. In addition, tickets are issued for speeding, careless driving, accident cases, driving while license suspended, and no valid driver’s license.

Charlotte County is located in south Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. The 2011 estimates form the U.S. Census Bureau report that the population of Charlotte County is 160,511 people. The largest city in the county is Punta Gorda, the county seat. Historic landmarks in Charlotte County include the Old Charlotte County Courthouse, Clarence L. Babcock House, Icing Station at Bull Bay and El Jobean Hotel. Charlotte County is home to the Cecil M. Webb State Wildlife Management Area.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Charlotte County

Law enforcement in Charlotte County includes the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and Punta Gorda Police Department. The Florida Highway Patrol also works in the county to enforce state traffic laws.

Charlotte County is part of Florida’s Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court. The county court house is located at 350 East Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda, Florida. Charlotte County has four circuit judges and three county judges. The circuit judges are

* Judge Joseph Foster

* Judge Amy Hawthorne

* Judge Lisa S. Porter

* Judge George Richards.

The county judges are

* Judge Paul Alessandroni

* Judge Peter A. Bell

* Judge John L. Burns

Navigating the court system in Charlotte County can be confusing. Many drivers choose to pay their tickets rather than try to find their way through the system. A Charlotte County traffic lawyer works in the county system every day, and is able to help you take care of your traffic ticket.

Traffic Tickets in Charlotte County

Traffic tickets are issued in Charlotte County for civil and criminal traffic offenses. These violations are consider “strict liability” offenses. This means that law enforcement only has to prove that you violated the law. Law enforcement is not required to prove that you intended to break the law.

A traffic lawyer understand the traffic laws in Charlotte County, and is able to find ways to have your ticket dismissed, or have the charges reduced.

Options for Charlotte County Traffic Tickets

Your Charlotte County traffic ticket explains how you can pay your ticket. The citation also includes information on how to fight your ticket. When you pay a ticket from Charlotte County, you are responsible for the fine and administrative costs. These fees can be as high as $500. You also incur points on your driving record, which places your driving privileges at risk.

If you choose to fight your Charlotte County traffic ticket, a traffic lawyer prepares your case for court. The Charlotte County court system allows some drivers to attend traffic school. This option can be explored by a traffic lawyer. In most cases, attending traffic school helps you avoid having points added to your record, and may reduce your fines. Successfully completing traffic school may also reduce your insurance premiums.

A traffic lawyer discusses your case with you, and determines the best solution for you. The traffic lawyer explains the pros and cons of each option, and helps you feel confident about the outcome of your case.

Florida’s Points System

Traffic violations in Florida result in having points added to your driving. Employers and insurance companies review your driving record. Your employer could use the information as the basis for a demotion, or for firing you. Your insurance company has the right to raise your insurance premiums if you have a poor driving record. The state can also suspend or revoke your driving privileges if you have too may points on your record.

A traffic lawyer works to find ways to protect your driving record, and minimize the points that are added to it as a result of your Charlotte County traffic tickets.

If you have a traffic ticket from Charlotte County, call our law firm to discuss your case.


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