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Baker County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Macclenny, Florida

Baker County is located in Florida’s eigth judicial circuit. With a population of over 23,000, Baker County has almost 600 square miles. ¬†Aside from the Florida Highway Patrol, the Baker County sheriffs office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county.

Law Enforcement and Circuit Courts in Baker County

Traffic laws in Baker County are enforced by the Baker County Sheriff’s Office. The Florida Highway Patrol enforces state traffic laws in the county.

Baker County is part of Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit Court. The county courthouse, including traffic court, is located at 339 E. Macclenny Avenue in Macclenny, Florida. The circuit judge for Baker County is Judge Phyllis M. Rosier. The county judge is Judge Joseph M. Williams.

Traffic Tickets in Baker County

Traffic tickets are issued in Baker County for civil and criminal traffic offenses. Civil offenses typically require you to pay fines, and incur points on your driving record. You are required to appear in court for criminal traffic offenses. For these types of cases, penalties are more severe than with civil offenses.

A Baker County traffic lawyer knows the county and state traffic laws in Baker County. Based on this knowledge, a traffic lawyer explains your Baker County traffic ticket, and helps you navigate the county’s court system.

Options for Baker County Traffic Tickets

Most drivers pay their tickets because it seems like the easiest way to take care of the tickets. Paying your ticket, though, has long-term consequences. When you pay your Baker County traffic ticket, you are considered guilty of the traffic offense. You incur points on your driving record, and are responsible for fines and administrative costs.

If you want to fight your ticket, a Baker County traffic lawyer finds ways to have your ticket dismissed, or have the charges reduced. A traffic lawyer looks for weaknesses in the case. In some cases, a Baker County traffic lawyer can take care of your civil traffic ticket without going to court. If you are required to appear in court, a traffic lawyer gathers evidence for your case, and appears in court with you.

A traffic lawyer may be able to negotiate a compromise with the court system. You may be able to take care of your Baker County traffic ticket by attending traffic school. These programs are authorized by the state of Florida, and typically result in lower fines.

Traffic lawyers explain the pros and cons of these options based on the circumstances of your case.

Florida’s Points System

The state of Florida uses a points system to track the number and types of traffic violations that occur within the state. When you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points are added to your driving record. For example, you receive

* Three (3) points for driving the wrong way on a one-way road

* Four (4) points for reckless driving

* Six (6) points for causing an accident while you are speeding

When you have more than 12 points on your driving record, your license is suspended or revoked. Your insurance company has the right to raise your premiums for up to three years. Some employers in Florida require their employees to maintain clean driving records. If you have points on your record, you risk being demoted, or even losing your job.

A Baker County traffic lawyer works to find the best solution for you. A traffic lawyer considers all the possible outcomes, and helps you decide how to take care of your Baker County traffic ticket.

If you have a traffic ticket from Baker County, call our law firm to discuss your case.

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