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Alachua County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Gainesville, Florida

Home of the University of Florida, Alachua county is Located in the Eighth Judicial circuit of Florida which makes up Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, and Union Counties. There are two county courthouses in Alachua County. One courthouse is referred to as the Alachua criminal justice center at 220 South Main Street in Gainesville. The other courthouse in Alachua is for family and civil and is referred to as the Justice center, located at 201 East University Avenue in Gainesville.

Law enforcement agencies in Alachua include the sheriffs office, University of Florida police, Florida Highway Patrol, Gainesville police department, Florida fish and wildlife. Our firm represents individuals charged in the cities of Waldo, Newberry, Micanopy, LaCrosse, High Springs, Hawthorne, Gainesville, Archer, and Alachua.

If you have received a civil infraction or a criminal traffic charge such as leaving the scene of an accident, driving while license suspended, no valid driver’s license, or driving under the influence, call our office today. We are here to help you get through this.

Law Enforcement and Courts

Alachua County is part of Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit. Newberry and Gainesville both have city police departments that patrol their respective cities. Aside from these two agencies, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the rest of the county including all unincorporated areas. Those who receive traffic citations can pay their fines online, by phone, or in person at the county clerk’s office. It’s also possible to schedule driver improvement training online.

Florida’s Point System

Florida assesses a certain number of points for every traffic violation incurred. A few of the offenses and their correlating points include:

Three points

  • Driving 15 mph or less over the speed limit
  • Open container violation
  • Curfew violations/minors driving during restricted hours
  • Violation of child restraint laws

Four points

  • Moving violations resulting in an accident
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Driving 16 mph or more above posted limits
  • Running a red light
  • Reckless driving

Six Points

  • Fleeing the scene of an accident when property damage occurs
  • Causing a traffic accident by speeding

Adding up the Points

When drivers accumulate 12 points within a 12-month timeframe, they are subject to having their driver’s license suspended for 30 days. This increases to 90 days for those who rack up 18 points in 18 months. When 24 points are accumulated in a 36-month period, the period of suspension is then one year. Minors are allowed only 6 points within a 12-month timeframe before being restricted to a “business use only” driver’s license.

Avoiding Points

In order to avoid having points assessed, drivers can elect to take a driver improvement course. This can be done once a year for a maximum of five times in a lifetime. After completing such a course, no points for that offense will be accumulated. In addition, insurance companies are forbidden from penalizing drivers for this offense by increasing their automotive premiums.

Time to see an Attorney

Once drivers have exhausted the maximum number of driver improvement courses, they may want to speak to a traffic attorney in Alachua County. This also holds true for people who hold a commercial driver’s license, as these individuals are not afforded the opportunity to take a driver improvement course. Any time there is a lack of evidence or if an officer acted in bad faith in issuing a ticket, it should also be contested. A traffic ticket lawyer can be a good source of information when it comes to helping motorists stand up for their rights.

Driving is a privilege and not a right; however, this privilege should be safeguarded whenever possible. Those who are accused of a traffic offense may want to speak with a knowledgeable traffic court attorney to find out how to do this.

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