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Tampa Criminal Defense
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How an Attorney Can Help You Fight Your Traffic Ticket

Here’s an obvious conclusion for you: traffic tickets are no fun. When you are pulled over and cited with a traffic ticket in Florida, you have three basic options on how to proceed: pay the ticket, ignore the ticket or fight the ticket. Unfortunately, many Florida drivers are unaware that fighting a traffic ticket is an option and even less aware of the benefits of working with an attorney on your tickets. And to clarify—ignoring a traffic ticket of any kind is never a good idea. Same holds true for any type of notice dealing with the Florida civil or criminal justice system.

The reality is that traffic tickets can have a much more reaching effect than simply putting a dent in your bank account. Multiple tickets within a given time frame can serve to drive up your insurance premiums significantly, add points to your Florida driving record and ultimately cause you to have your license revoked or suspended for a given period of time. Even minor traffic offenses, if repeated too many times, can have serious implications on your ability to drive.

So how can an attorney help you with your Florida traffic ticket? Here’s a look at some of the things we can help you with when it comes to your traffic tickets:

  • Evaluate the ticket
  • Explain the process
  • Review your driving record
  • Represent you in court

More than just arguing your side of why you should not have received the ticket, an attorney’s job begins well before you go before a judge. Collecting evidence, researching relevant state and local statues, interviewing witnesses—those are just some of the advantages of having an attorney defend you in court. In those scenarios in which the ticket was issued in a school or construction zone, there are additional potential penalties that may have been attached to your ticket that we are happy to explain to you and fight. We know how intimidating a courtroom can be—especially when arguing before an authority. At Finebloom & Haenel P.A., we have years of experience doing this very thing.

The problem with simply paying your traffic tickets as you get them is that it also constitutes an admission of guilt. A fact that is not so obvious at the time you are writing the check and hoping to be done with the whole ordeal.

The attorneys at Finebloom & Haenel P.A. have the experience you need to fight everything from a red light ticket to a toll violation to a license suspension. We know the local, state and federal laws as they relate to the various types of traffic tickets you may have received and will work hard to keep your driving record clean and your insurance costs down. Before you pay your ticket, give our attorneys a call today for an obligation-free consultation on your case. We look forward to speaking with you soon. In the meantime, safe driving everyone!

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