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Indian River County Traffic Attorney

Traffic ticket Attorneys serving Vero Beach, Florida

Indian River County, previously a part of St. Lucie County, is located on the east coast of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean in the Sebastian-Vero Beach Metropolitan statistical area. Indian River County has a population of about 135,000 people and spans a total of 617 square miles, 114 of which are water. Adjacent counties to Indian River include Brevard County, Okeechobee County, Osceola County and St. Lucie County. The incorporated cities of Indian River County include Indian River Shores, Sebastian, Fellsmere, Orchid, and Vero Beach.

Indian River County falls under the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. Other counties in the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit include Martin County, Okeechobee County and St. Lucie County. The Chief Judge of the Circuit is Judge Steven J. Levin, presiding in Martin County. One of the county’s courthouses is located at 2000 16th Avenue in Vero Beach. Another is located at 11604 U.S. Highway 1 in Sebastian.

The main Law Enforcement Agencies of Indian River County are located in Indian River Shores, Sebastian and Vero Beach. Others include the Florida Highway Patrol and the Fellsmere City Police. These Law Enforcement Agencies are responsible for more than 25,000 traffic tickets annually.

Located along the east coast of central Florida, Indian River County is home to around 135,000 residents. The county is primarily an urban one, with only 8% of the land mass being considered rural area. The primary attractions here are the beaches along with the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge.

Court and Law Enforcement Information

The county seat of Indian River County is Vero Beach. Other cities of interest include Orchid, Indian River Shores, Sebastian and Fellsmere. Vero Beach, Indian River Shores and Sebastian all have city police departments, and other areas of the county are served by the Indian River Sheriff’s Department. Traffic court is located inside the Indian River County courthouse, and payments can be made online or to J.K. Barton, the clerk of court.

Common Offenses

Since Indian River County is primarily urban, many violations involve ignoring traffic signals or attempting to pass a school bus. Both of these offenses can result in four points being assessed against an individual’s driving record. Individuals can be charged three points against their license for having an open container of alcohol or driving 15 mph or less above the posted limit.

Citations and Penalties

After drivers rack up a certain number of points, their driver’s license may be suspended for a period of time. The current penalties in Indian River County are as follows:

12 points in 12 months: 30-day suspension

18 points in 18 months: 90-day suspension

24 points in 36 months: one-year suspension

Citations for Minors

The law is somewhat stricter for minors. Those under 18 who accrue 6 points in a 12-month period will have their license restricted and will only be able to drive to and from school or work. Those who exceed the six-point limit face a suspension period of up to 90 days.

Relief by Attending Driver Improvement

Those who are cited can sometimes avoid having points assessed against their license if they attend a driver improvement course. In order to do so, drivers should request this opportunity within 30 days after receiving a citation. To do so, it will be necessary to visit the clerk of court in Indian River County in order to obtain the proper paperwork. Submitting this paperwork in a timely manner is essential, as it must be received before the deadline expires in order for an individual to become enrolled.

Speaking with an Attorney

Some people may not want to pay their fine because they believe they are not guilty. Drivers can also have difficulty obtaining credit for completing a driver improvement course. This can be a problem if they are cited again because the course can only be taken one time each year. These individuals may want to speak with a traffic attorney in Indian River County in order to help them with their situation.

Each traffic citation results from different circumstances. In some cases, it may be best to pay the fine in a timely manner. Other times, doing so might not be in one’s best interest. For more information, those in Indian River County should speak with a traffic lawyer shortly after they receive a ticket.


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