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Tampa Criminal Defense
Tampa Criminal Defense
Tampa Criminal Defense
Tampa Criminal Defense
Tampa Criminal Defense

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California’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Floats The Idea Of Speeding Cameras To Raise $400 Million

Facing a steep budget deficit California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger planned to install cameras that would automatically issue. Speeding tickets just like the ones that are already installed to issue traffic citations for running a red light. The Governor said the plan would raise almost $400 million oh yeah and increase safety.

The proposal faced stiff opposition from lawmakers who saw it simply as a revenue-generator and not a safety enhancement. The cameras were going to issue a traffic ticket for $225 for speeding up to 15 MPH over the limit and then $325 if a driver was speeding more than 15 MPH over the posted limit.…

Motorcyclist Charged With Hit And Run In Sarasota After Leaving His Passenger Hurt On The Road

Florida Highway Patrol troopers have charged an Illinois man with two counts of hit and run following a motorcycle accident in Sarasota County. According to The Sarasota Herald Tribune, 52-year-old Armando Tellez has been charged in conjunction with an accident that took place in Osprey around 2:00 a.m.

Tellez allegedly was riding his motorcycle with a female passenger. The Illinois man crashed his bike and then left the scene of the accident leaving his injured passenger on the road. The woman was badly hurt according to the FHP but is expected to survive despite being listed in serious condition.…

Pasco County Woman Awaiting Extradition From NY Due To Fatal Motorcycle Crash Last Year

Deborah Terrero, formerly of Hudson, Florida was arrested in New York this past weekend on a fugitive from justice warrant issued in December. The 53-year-old woman is accused of causing the death of a passenger on the back of a motorcycle in a crash that took place April 5. According to, Terrero has a long history of traffic tickets and citations in Florida. She has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident in 2006, she has received five speeding tickets and had her license suspended several times for failure to either appear in court or pay her traffic tickets.

Terrero could possibly be extradited for this latest traffic incident. According to the FHP the former Hudson resident pulled her SUV out onto U.S. 19 in front of a motorcycle driven by Kenneth L. Dillon. Dillon tried to avoid the collision but Terrero allegedly pulled into the center lane causing the collision. Dillon’s passenger was thrown from the motorcycle and died. Dillon suffered serious injuries. …

Woman In Electric Wheelchair In Critical Condition Following St. Pete Hit-And-Run

More details are emerging in a St. Petersburg hit and run case that left a handicapped woman in critical condition. Police are searching for a large SUV that is either blue or black that hit 55-year-old Shirley Anne Lavine as she crossed a street in her electric wheelchair. Police are trying to track down the driver who left the scene of the accident.

According to a story on, two witnesses have come forward to give additional details to police on the traffic accident that occurred December 8 on 16th street south. The witnesses described the vehicle they saw but were unable to see a driver due to dark tinted windows. Lavine remains in critical condition at St, Petersburg’s Bayfront Medical Center.…

State Senator In Hit And Run Case Blames Failed Alcohol Breath Test On His Toothpaste

A state senator who was on probation for a hit-and-run accident was sentenced to a year in jail following a failed breath test. Part of Anthony Gallucio’s probation was he could not drink alcohol and would be required to submit to random testing. After failing a breath test, he blamed the results on toothpaste and not alcohol.

The judge in the case did not buy Gallucio’s excuse and sentenced the state senator to jail. The failed alcohol breath test came just days after Gallucio accepted a plea bargin in his leaving the scene of an accident case,…

Update On Tampa Police Initiative To Stop Pedestrian Deaths

Police officers were out in force on Kennedy Blvd. Tuesday and Wednesday in an attempt to try and stem the tide of pedestrian deaths on Tampa streets. The police wrote seven tickets to Tampa drivers and handed out 91 warnings to pedestrians on Tuesday alone. The number of traffic citations issued on Wednesday wasn’t available at the time the story on was published.

According to police 70% of fatal pedestrian accidents happen outside of crosswalks so they have been out the past two days trying to educate Tampa’s pedestrians. Overall the police spent about three hours on Tuesday handing out citations and warnings. …

Pedestrian Deaths On Tampa Streets Leads To Crackdown On Jaywalkers, DUI And Crosswalk Violations

According to a national transportation study, Tampa Bay is ranked the second-most dangerous place in America for foot traffic. According to, 19 of the 41 Tampa traffic deaths in 2009 were pedestrians. Now the Tampa Police are cracking down at two Tampa intersections looking for drunk drivers, pedestrians who jaywalk and cars that violate crosswalks.

While most of the pedestrian traffic deaths are the fault of the pedestrian, the Tampa Police are launching a two-day crackdown at Kennedy Blvd. and Florida Ave. and Kennedy Blvd. and North Blvd. The police say they will issue warnings but if warranted, traffic citations will be issued as well. The operation is separate from one the DUI unit is planning on conducting as well.…

Tampa School Bus Driver Cited For Running A Red Light In Monday Morning Crash

Two Tampa elementary school students were treated for minor injuries following a school bus crash that was caused by the bus driver running a red light. The students were headed to Phillip Shore Elementary according to Tampa’s 10 Connects when the bus ran a red light at 17th Avenue and 21st Street where it collided with a car.

The driver of the car was taken to Tampa General Hospital with minor injuries and the two injured students were released to their parents following the accident. The rest of the children were transferred to another bus. The bus driver has received a traffic citation for running the red light.…

Tampa Bike Rider Receives Traffic Ticket For Impeding Traffic

Ever wonder how you get a traffic ticket when you don’t even own a car? Just ask USF student Brad Marcel who received a traffic citation for riding his bicycle in the middle of what he deemed a narrow road. He was stopped by a Tampa police officer who didn’t see things the same way and cited the bicyclist for impeding traffic.

Marcel rides his bike all over Tampa including an 11-mile ride from his house to his job in South Tampa. According to the law Marcel was not impeding traffic for riding in the middle of the road if the road isn’t wide enough for a bike and a car according to the story on The officer felt there was plenty of room for Marcel to ride on the right hand side and issued him a $50 ticket.…

Adrian Peterson Runs Fast And Drives That Way Too

Adrian Peterson may not be the fastest man in the NFL on the field but when it comes to the highway he may hold that title. The Minnesota Vikings running back was given a speeding ticket for driving 109 MPH this past weekend. The traffic stop took place on a state-highway in a 55-MPH zone.

Peterson was driving his BMW at almost twice the posted speed limit. The Associate Press is reporting he didn’t realize how fast he was going at the time he was pulled over. He was issued a citation and then went on his way in what the officer described as a very routine traffic stop.

If you have received a speeding ticket anywhere in the state of Florida, our lawyers can help. Call us at 1-800-FIGHT IT.…

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