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November 28, 2012

Tampa Traffic School 101

Remember the excitement surrounding studying and practicing for your driver’s license as a teenager. The potential to drive around town with your friends was enough to inspire many to learn the rules of the road. Well it may be time to revisit the excitement and dive into relearning the rules of the road. If you were recently given the option to avoid points on your record and attend traffic school then this is one class you should take. Available for civil infractions, attending traffic school is a very good idea. Not only will it help you avoid points and keep your insurance rates down, but can also help refresh your memory on important rules that will hopefully avoid future traffic tickets.

When you receive a ticket for a citation in Tampa, you are presented with three basic options:

  1. Pay the ticket: If you decide to simply pay the ticket then you will not only be admitting guilt but also automatically placing points on your driving record.
  2. Elect traffic school: When this option is available, take it. Can we say that enough in this blog?!
  3. Fight the ticket: Fighting the ticket is always an option, although choosing to do it on your own may not be the best idea.
October 22, 2010

Bradenton Drug Charges – Manatee Traffic Stop Leads To Police Chase And Cocaine Trafficking Charges

A routine traffic stop for a speeding ticket issued by radar turned into a police chase. When the pursuit ended the driver was arrested for numerous charges including cocaine trafficking.
July 29, 2010

Tampa Traffic Ticket News – USF Football Player Arrested For Misdemeanor Traffic Charge In Tampa

This USF football player has a history of traffic tickets in Hillsborough County. He was recently arrested for driving without a valid license for the second time.
April 15, 2010

Tampa Traffic Tickets For Tailgating Will Increase As The Technology Does

For a long time Tampa police have issued traffic tickets for speeding thanks to laser technology. Now that same technology is being used to issue traffic citations in Tampa for tailgaters. Police in Tampa are using the lasers to determine how far one car is behind another and then issuing traffic tickets in the amount of $151 to Tampa motorists who are traveling less than 1 second behind another vehicle.

The laser technology Tampa police are using is called light detection and ranging. They also use a software program to measure the time between the two cars to determine whether or not a traffic citation will be issued. The lasers were recently purchased with grant money and so far 16 officers are trained to use them.…

April 1, 2010

St Pete Red Light Runners Get Ready For Cameras At Your Intersections

Red light runners in St Pete better get used to fines and not being able to fight those red light tickets as the city council has voted 7-1 to install red light cameras in St Petersburg.
City Council members cited the same reason as cash-strapped cities and
counties have used all over the state of Florida, that it is a safety


Council members cited unnamed studies to back-up their vote to
install the revenue-raising cameras even though the council member who
introduced the bill admitted he’d never seen the research that backs up
the facts he was using to support his position. One study that did mention was conducted by USF and it showed that red light cameras significantly increase car accidents and that cities who use these cameras aren’t serious about reducing car crashes.
Red light cameras can now be found in Tampa Bay cities like Oldsmar,
Temple Terrace, Port Richey, South Pasadena, Kenneth City and Tampa.…

March 23, 2010

Tampa Red Light Runners Get To Face Off Against The Cameras That Ticketed Them

Tampa driver’s who were ticketed for running a red light got their chance to face off against the red light cameras on Monday but as in almost every other Florida county the drivers did not fare very well. Of the 12 people who showed up to challenge their fines for running a red light, only two had their tickets dismissed. sent reporter Jessica Vander Velde to the County Center to watch as Hillsborough County citizens tried to persuade a special magistrate that their red light tickets were unjustified. Almost all of them failed. The cameras are already used by Hillsborough County, Kenneth City, Port Richey, Temple Terrace and Brooksville. They are close to being installed in St. Pete and the
city of Tampa is looking into the red light cameras as well.…

March 19, 2010

Tampa And Sarasota Traffic Ticket Numbers Are In From Click It Or Ticket Campaign

The Florida Highway Patrol released their numbers when it came to Florida traffic tickets following their two-week Click It or Ticket campaign. While there were a staggering 36,858 traffic citations issued statewide we reported yesterday that only about 18% were for seat belt violations. Now Tampa and Sarasota have weighed in with their ticket numbers.

The Sheriff’s Office issued 494 traffic tickets in Sarasota for seat belt violations during the campaign. Nearly 10% of those who received seat belt violation citations in Florida were from the Tampa Bay area. According to the St Pete Times 633 seat belt violation tickets were issued in Tampa Bay alone. That number is almost triple the amount of seat belt tickets that were issued last year during the same period when Tampa Bay law enforcement issued 230 traffic citations for not wearing a seat belt.…

March 18, 2010

Tampa Red Light Runners Featured On You Tube Courtesy Of The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office

If you live in Tampa and have received a recent citation for running a red light you may be on your way to You Tube stardom. The
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office has put together a 2:08 video montage of Tampa’s worst red light runners. They have also put it on You Tube for the whole world to check out.

The red light cameras that issue the fines are the same ones that supplied the video for You Tube. The cameras are stationed all around Hillsborough County in an effort to s top Tampa red light running. The cameras are at popular intersections on Dale Mabry, Bruce B. Downs, Fletcher Avenue and Waters Avenue.…

March 8, 2010

Tampa Driver Kills Pedestrian, Leaves The Scene And Then Returns With Her Parents

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s thought they were investigating a hit and run Sunday evening when they were called to a fatal crash on Dakota Avenue in Tampa. The driver who ran over and killed Billy Leedan Ivy may not be charged with leaving the scene of an accident after she returned with her parents.

Amanda Bentz has been identified as the driver that struck and killed Ivy at 9:30 Sunday. The 20-year-old asked to speak to investigators and reportedly told deputies she was the driver that struck the man who would have turned 43 today. The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed as of yet.…

February 10, 2010

Two Pedestrians And A Bicyclist Killed On Tampa Bay Roads In Just 12 Hours

A rash of fatal car accidents involving pedestrians and bike riders struck the streets of Tampa Bay in the last 12 hours. Two pedestrians and a bicyclist were all killed by cars beginning Tuesday night. Of the three fatalities, two are being investigated as criminal acts and the drivers are expected to be charged with hit and run. Authorities are still searching for two drivers for leaving the scene of an accident.

The rash of traffic fatalities began Tuesday evening when a driver in Pinellas County ran over a pedestrian and then
left the scene of the accident. Witnesses say the vehicle was a black 4-door Infiniti sedan. At 3:10 a.m. another hit and run took place with a pedestrian fatality only this one occurred in Tampa on Dale Mabry. Officers found the grill of a Volkswagen with blood on it at the scene of the deadly crash. The last accident involved a man riding his bicycle near East Hillsborough Avenue. According to Bay News 9, there are no charges anticipated in this case.…

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