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Recent Posts in Florida traffic news Category

October 23, 2013

Stay Back From the Yellow and Black!

Passing a school bus that is stopped and showing flashing lights and / or stop signs is a punishable offense in Florida. The reasons for the statute is just plain common sense and this week, Manatee County will celebrate School Bus Safety Week.

The safety events being planned will involve a number of activities that will try and highlight the dangers to schoolchildren of drivers who pass a school bus when it is stopped, usually to allow children on or off the bus.

The school bus service performs a vital role right across the United States and transports millions of our children safely to and from school every day. In Manatee County alone, 166 buses are involved, carrying 16,000 children and traveling over 20,000 miles a day. One of the commonest complaints from bus drivers is the number of drivers who are either unaware of the regulations or continue to flout them, passing buses when children are moving around and endangering their lives.

Manatee County’s Bus Safety Week is honoring its school bus drivers with a donut and coffee day. At the same time, the operators will wear yellow and black – the same colors as the buses they drive.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway patrol and state transport department personnel will be stepping up operations on and around school buses in order to enforce traffic regulations.…

November 28, 2012

Will You Get A Ticket For Texting While Driving In Florida?

We recently blogged about tips to help avoid distracted driving. The potential for car accidents while texting and driving is certainly a hot button issue. So hot that the state of Florida is considering joining 45 other states nationwide that place a ban or restriction on this very activity.

This past Tuesday, Florida lawmakers proposed Senate Bill 52. The Bill would make texting while driving a secondary offense in Florida. Rather than an all-out ban (like 37 states have), making texting while driving a secondary offense in Florida would mean the police officers would be able to issue a ticket IF the driver was being pulled over for a different offense. Put differently, a police officer could not pull a driver over and issue a ticket simply because the driver was texting. But if the officer was already pulling the driver over for another offense (i.e. speeding, running a stop sign, etc) then the officer could also issue a ticket for texting in addition to the initial offense. The texting fine would be $30. If texting while driving were ever to become a primary law then the police would be able to pull drivers over and issue a ticket simply because he or she was breaking the law by texting and driving.…

November 28, 2012

Florida Police Ticket Drivers For Speeding More Than Any Other State

Did you know that today, in 1995 President Bill Clinton ended the federal 55 MPH maximum speed limit? In doing away with a federally-imposed maximum speed limit, states were free to set their speed limits as they see fit. Texas took advantage of this change and has since had the highest speed limit in the nation at 85MPH. Although Florida drivers are not allowed to drive that fast on any highway in the state, if you choose to put the pedal to the metal in Florida then be prepared to pay.

In a recent study of national traffic data examined by, the results show that speeding drivers are more likely to be ticketed in Florida than any other state in the nation. That’s right, you speed on the streets and highways in Florida, your chances are much higher than if you speed in another state. One city that you should be especially weary of is Waldo, Florida. Waldo made the list for one of the worst cities for speed traps.

The Bradenton Herald reports that Florida police issued 17,995 non-non criminal traffic citations for speeding above the posted limit last year alone. Bringing that number well past 20,000 were the additional 6,132 citations that were issued for driving too fast for the conditions.…

February 3, 2012

How to choose a Traffic Ticket Attorney

The most important factor in choosing an attorney to fight your ticket is whether or not you feel comfortable hiring them. A large factor in your feeling comfortable is the attorney’s experience and their availability. You want an attorney who knows what they are doing. You also want an attorney who won’t ignore your calls. A good attorney can explain things to you in a way that you can understand them so you can make the best decision for you. When hiring an attorney ask them the following questions:

  1. How many times have you been in traffic court? The higher the number of times, the more likely it is that the attorney knows what they are doing. The more an attorney practices in a certain area, the more the attorney knows about it. Traffic court works differently than a criminal courtroom. The State is not present. It is only the officer who wrote you the ticket. This means the attorney’s approach has to be a bit different than in a traditional courtroom if they are going to win your case. If they have never been in traffic court before, an attorney may be out of their league.
  2. Are you available to answer my questions?
July 29, 2010

Tampa Traffic Ticket News – USF Football Player Arrested For Misdemeanor Traffic Charge In Tampa

This USF football player has a history of traffic tickets in Hillsborough County. He was recently arrested for driving without a valid license for the second time.
July 1, 2010

Clearwater Traffic Felony – Man Arrested For Causing An Eight Car Crash That Killed Two People

A St. Petersburg man has been charged with two felony counts for causing a fatal accident in Tampa Bay. The 27-year-old is also facing drug possession charges.
June 16, 2010

Florida Traffic Ticket News – New Technology Allows Police To Issue More Florida Traffic Citations

Beating a traffic ticket in Lakeland just got a bit more difficult thanks to new technology. A computer system is now helping Florida police officers issue more accurate traffic tickets and issuing them more quickly.
May 10, 2010

Florida Street Racing – Florida Street Racers And Spectators To Street Racing Both Get Florida Traffic Tickets

The penalties for illegal street racing in Florida are about to get tougher. Did you know just watching an illegal drag race is a crime in Florida?
April 19, 2010

Sarasota Reckless Driver Ends Up Dead Following High-Speed Chase

Ronald Daly was stopped in Sarasota on Beneva Road after police received a report of a reckless driver. The 50-year-old may have been issued a traffic ticket but he sped away before Sarasota County Sheriff’s could write him a citation. That led to a high-speed chase and ultimately to Daly’s death.
According to a story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Daly was stopped at 11:30 p.m. but he sped away. During the high speed chase Daly lost control of his 2010 Chevy and crashed into a tree. He was reportedly not wearing a seat belt and died at the scene. There have been no details as to why police believe Daly fled the scene. He was driving erratically but there has been no mention of a drunk driving charge or an outstanding arrest warrant that may have caused him to flee.
April 15, 2010

Tampa Traffic Tickets For Tailgating Will Increase As The Technology Does

For a long time Tampa police have issued traffic tickets for speeding thanks to laser technology. Now that same technology is being used to issue traffic citations in Tampa for tailgaters. Police in Tampa are using the lasers to determine how far one car is behind another and then issuing traffic tickets in the amount of $151 to Tampa motorists who are traveling less than 1 second behind another vehicle.

The laser technology Tampa police are using is called light detection and ranging. They also use a software program to measure the time between the two cars to determine whether or not a traffic citation will be issued. The lasers were recently purchased with grant money and so far 16 officers are trained to use them.…

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